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The LORD is My Shining LIGHT of Hope

Shining Light of Hope

You are the Love of my Life
Thank You Lord.

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For Every Prayer there is an ANSWER

God Answers All Our Prayers

God is forever gracious.

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Every Second of the Day is a Blessing from God

Blessing From God

To God be all the glory.

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I will Bend my Knee to Praise the Lord

Thank You My Lord

Thank You Lord.
Today is a blessing.
I will bend my knee to praise God for allowing me to experience the beauty of all His amazing creations.

God bless us all.
All the times...

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Blessed are those who can Give without Remembering

Cheerfully Give

It's better to give than to receive.
It is MORE BLESSED to Give than to Receive.
Give cheerfully and wholeheartedly.
God bless you always.

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My Heart Rejoices for this Wonderful Day

Thank You Lord

Thank You Lord for a brand new day.
Thank You for a restful sleep in the night.
Thank You for a renewed strength in the morning.
Thank You for the air I breath.
Thank You for a wonderful sunrise.
Thank You for the LIFE You give.
Thank You for all the BLESSINGS,
material, financial and spiritual.
I Praise You and Worship You. AMEN.

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Today is a BLESSING from Your Throne of Grace

Today is a BLESSING

Dear Lord,
Today is a blessing from Your throne of grace.
Thank You for the Life, Strength, Joy and Peace
that You allow me to experience right now.
When life gets full of anxiety and pressures,
may I be quick to REMEMBER that YOU are
in CONTROL of all circumstances. Teach me
to ALWAYS be grateful for all the things,
good or bad that come my way. Amen.

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Lead Me Lord to be an Instrument of Your Love and Peace

Lead Me Lord Today

Dear God,
Help me Lord as I begin this day
to be LOVING to everyone I meet
regardless of appearance and
economic status of life; to be
HONEST in everything I do even when
no one is looking; to be CARING
whenever I see a need whether or not
there is a HOPE of reward.
Lead me and teach me to be always
an INSTRUMENT of your Love and Peace.

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Thank You Lord for the New Gift of Life Today

Give Thanks to the Lord Always

Thank You Lord
For this wonderful new day
For Your Gift called Life
For the grace of being alive today
For the chance to make a new beginning
For all the people You put in my
Life when I needed them
For Your Love that protects me
All day long

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An Evening Prayer

An Evening Prayer

Thank You Lord, 
As the sun sets in, please clear my mind. 
Help me to forget the cares of the day. 
Teach me to reflect on my blessings and all that I have to be grateful for. 
Please help me to relax and unwind so I can sleep well. 
I give You all my burdens, worries and anxious thoughts. 
You know every need I have Lord. 
I am grateful for all the protection and provision that is coming. AMEN.

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Lord You are My Strength When I Am Weak

The Lord is My Strength

You are my strength when I am so helpless 
You are my refuge when there's nothing to turn to 
You are my shield when I am weak 
You are my light when I cannot see 
You are my voice when I cannot speak 
You are the path to life everlasting

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Trust in the Lord Always He is Our Refuge and Strength

Remember: God is Always Faithful

The Lord is worthy to be praised.
Remember God's faithfulness and His ability to bring good out of any situation. Whatever your worries today, don't be afraid. Trust in God. Just stand where you are and watch the Lord strengthens and takes care of you.

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The LORD is Our Refuge and Strength

The Lord is Our Strong Tower

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.
Deliver us from the works of the enemy.
Keep us safe Lord from those who seek to hurt and destroy us. Allow us to dwell in Your refuge and may Your peace guards our hearts and minds. Show us and teach us Your ways so we will live in peace in the midst of troubles. May Your Name be exalted on high in our lives every day. AMEN! Praise God.

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