Have a Blessed New Year
This is My Prayer for You this 2017

My Prayers for you this 2017 is that your New Year is filled with nothing but an abundance of love, joy and peace. I pray you have no worries and lots of fun. I hope that throughout the year 2017 you find joy, solidarity, and wellness. I pray that the Lord bring you more friendships and spiritual blessings, as well as financial breakthroughs. My desire for you this 2017 is that you will have an overflowing blessing and that your relationship with Christ carries on for many more years to come.

I hope that with the New Year, January gives you a great start to December 2017. I pray that you will receive Godly and spiritual wisdom to embrace, live and share. I pray that the answers you discover are everything you need them to be. I hope that January gives you a magnificent glimpse to everything 2017 has in store for you and your relationship with Christ.

I hope that the shortest month of the year is filled with blooming love. I pray that for all of February, you chose to fall even more in love with Christ and everything He has to bring to you. Always remember: love never fails, love never loses faith. We are able to love because He first loved us.

In March, I pray that the Peace of God fills your life every single day. I pray that you forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve the peace of forgiving them. I hope that you find a way to encourage peace through Christ. When we put our problems in God’s hands, He puts peace in our hearts.

I pray for no worries in April, and that you understand that God will never give you anything that you can't handle. The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to fight it and to choose one thought instead of the other. His mercies are new every single morning. I pray that you have a worry-free April.

I pray that May is filled with nothing but fun for you. I hope that you find a fun way to bring Christ even closer to you and your family than He already is. I hope that in May, you ignite your faith in ways unimaginable. 

June is the perfect month to spread joy in the Christian spirit. If you have no joy, there must be a leak in your Christianity somewhere. If you trust God to give you joy, He will find a place to put it and He will burn out the pain. God will bless you with overflowing, so I pray that you choose to spread joy in His name.

In July I pray that solidarity brings you closer to fellow Christians. The bond that links your family is not one of blood, but of the pure life you and your fellow Christians have chosen to live. I pray that you find solidarity and embrace it as a learning tool to strengthen your relationship with Christ.

In August I pray that your wellness is exemplary. Always remember that your body is the temple of the living God and you must treat it as so. Wellness searches for more than the absence of illness, it looks for new levels of excellence. I pray that health, happiness, and holiness be yours always.

I pray that in September you are given more friendships to spread the word of Christ. A Christian friend is not an ordinary friend and you are both blessed with this friendship. I hope that September introduces you to friends that make you smile a little bigger, laugh a little louder, and live life through Christ just a little bit better.

I pray that spiritual blessings fall upon you in the month of October. I hope that you are blessed as much as you pray and that you are always humble and kind. 

In November I hope that your finances finally break through. I pray you remember to thank God and know that it is His glory to bless you every day. I pray you spread the word of His love, forgiveness, and kindness, and you pray for others their financial breakthroughs as well.

Lastly, I pray that you are overflowing with blessings by December. After a long year of life through Christ, I pray that you are so overwhelmed by His glory that you realize you are truly blessed by His love and grace. 

As the New Year unveils, I pray that all the joy, love and the prayerful spirit keeps burning and glowing in your heart all the times. I hope and pray you will have a prosperous and blessed 2017.



This New Year of 2017,
These are My Prayers for You

What plans do you have for 2017? Have you prayed about those plans? My prayer for you this 2017 is that you achieve whatever you have planned. And yes, I pray that blessings trickle into your life like water in the year 2017. I have broken down my prayer for you this 2017 into segments; pronouncing every month as a period of specific achievements. With faith, every month will bring with it some unique blessings and fulfillment in your life.

Great start for January is what I pray for you. I pray that you start the month on a high note and proceed with the same momentum for the rest of the year. While the start greatly affects the end, I hope that you start the year 2017 in a great way so that at the end of the year; you can sit down and thank God for it. As the year begins, allow great things start to come your way.

Love for February is my prayer for you in the second month of 2017. May you shower those around you with love and may you get the same in return. Let love fill every moment in your life in this month. May you find love from God and from all men. And with this love, may you find it in your heart to share it with others. Love being a virtue, I pray that you continue to exercise and practice it all through the year. I have faith that your February will be a month of love in abundance.

Peace for March is what I pray for you. May you find peace with God and men. I pray that everything that troubled you will perish in God’s name. Let peace follow you everywhere you go. And let peace come to your family and those around you. I pray that there exists great love between you and your family, friends, neighbors and God. I pray that all this comes true for your March. I pray that you find it in your heart to make peace with those who offend you.

No worries for April is what I pray for your fourth month of the year. I pray that all worries go away the moment you step into this month. I pronounce that you will have no worries or stress the moment you get to this month and the days afterward. And with faith, I pray that you find the strength to fight all worries in your life all the yearlong.

Fun for May is the prayer I dedicate for the fifth month. I pray that you find fun in whatever you do. In your work, in your family and in your interaction with others, I pray that they all turn out to be full of fun. With this fun, I pray that you will find it in your heart to share it with others.

Joy for June is what I proclaim into your life in my prayer for you in 2017. I pray and hope that you find joy in everything you do. Being a virtue, I pray that you share the joy with those around you whether friends or family members. I pray, believing and trusting God that all these will come true.

Solidarity for July is what I pray for you. May you find loyal and sincere people to walk with to a common goal. And yes, I pray that you find people who are true and willing to work with you towards a common goal. With this, I pray that you show the same solidarity to those you walk with towards success and victory.

Wellness for August; may you stay well both health wise and financially. I pray that every member of your house and those around you remain healthy and well. I rebuke any spirit of sickness or being unwell for this month. I pray this believing in God that it will come true.

I pray for more friendship for September. I pray that you make more friends in this month. And yes, I pray that you don’t just get more friends; but develop real friends. I pray that you get friends who will be willing to walk with you during the dry and rainy season of your journey.

For October, I pray for more spiritual blessings. I pray that blessings come your way in abundance. I pray that everyone around you gets these spiritual blessings too. I also pray that you find it in your heart to share these spiritual blessings with those around you.

Financial breakthrough is what I pray for November. Let all your financial problems get solved in this month. I pray that all issues regarding your finances get solved and that you clear all debts that you may be having. I pray this believing that it will come true.

For December 2017, I pray for overflowing blessings. As the year comes to an end, I pray that blessings overflow in your life. I declare that you will have more blessings coming your way. This I pray in faith that it will all come true for the glory of our Almighty God.

Have a blessed 2017 and trust in God that all the desires of your heart and all your prayers will come true. Let every day bring new blessings and breakthrough in your life. Amen.




Is fear stopping you from taking huge steps towards success in your life? Well, having faith in God is a sure way to conquer this fear. While faith is to believe in what you haven’t seen, it is time you believed in God that things will be alright even when you are engulfed in a web of fear and uncertainty. In a jiffy, flexing muscles and delving into a spiritual walk with God could see you out-muscle fear and doubts. All you need to do is have faith in God that He will make a way where there seems to be none. This way, fear will have no place in your life.

Did you know that having faith in yourself could see you knock-out fear? Well, now you know. Having faith in God is never enough; you also need to have faith in yourself. In fact, it would be very hard for one to have faith in God while they don’t have faith in themselves. Having faith in yourself could see you harness your full potential. And yes, believing that you can do whatever you put your mind into doing is a sure way to demonstrate that you have faith in yourself. For this reason, have faith in your ability to scale to greater height.

Having faith in the people around you could also help you conquer your fear. In fact, trusting the people around you especially those who offer positive energy could see you beat fear and make huge strides towards success in your life. Failure to have faith in people who care about you could in the long-run harm your faith in yourself and God. For this reason, you need to have faith in the people behind you especially those who care about your well-being.

Having faith that your problems will transform into promises of blessings can help you beat fear as well. What do you think whenever you are over-burdened by problems? If you always give up, then that is not what you should be doing. Whenever tribulations strike, you need to have faith that they will soon turn to blessings. This way, you can beat fear of problems and take every problem as a bridge to success. This should always be the spirit if you want to conquer fear in your life.

Are you a victor or a victim? Well, whichever way you see yourself, that is how you will be. For that reason, you need to have faith that you are a victor and not a victim. Believing that you are a champion, a victor and a success is certainly all you need to become successful. Viewing yourself as a failure only suppresses your ability and makes you feel inferior. For this reason, it is time you changed how you view yourself. What you need to understand is; fear is an enemy to success and should be fought at whatever cost. Having faith in God, having faith in yourself, having faith in those around you and seeing yourself as a victor and not a victim are sure ways to beat fear and become successful.





How do you read the Bible? Or maybe I should ask, what do you read the Bible as? Have you ever tried to read the Bible as a love letter from God? Well, you need to try that out. The Bible shows a clear manifestation of God’s love for the world. For this reason, reading it as if it was a love letter from God makes the entire reading process interesting than ever before. With every story in the Bible clearly showing how God loves His people, it is definitely a love letter from our heavenly father.

Reading the Bible show us the real personality of God. As we all strive to know who God is and how He works, the Bible has all the answer. The Bible helps us understand the real personality of God by showing us how He reacted to different situations. And yes, the Bible also helps us to draw the real personality of God by offering relevant stories of how He treated people and how He Promises to treat those who worship and adore Him. The Bible is indeed an actual representation of God’s love for mankind.

Reading the Bible shows us how God loved us immensely. It is indeed crystal clear that God loved us unconditionally. Reading the Bible clearly portrays this aspect of God’s immense love for us. In fact, His love is well spelt out across the entire Bible. Every book in the Bible clearly shows how God loved the world and how He continues to love the world to date. For this reason, reading the Bible like a love letter from God will help you relate to the stories and rejuvenate your trust and faith in Him.

Reading the Bible shows us the power of God. There are so many stories in the Bible which show how powerful God is. Portraying power above nature and everything on earth and in heaven, the Bible clearly shows how God can command anything with much ease. In fact, the Bible portrays God as the most powerful being both on earth and heaven. The Bible is a clear reflection of how powerful God is and how He can see us through any situation.

Reading the Bible shows us the forgiveness of God. How forgiving is God? Well, if you want to get the answer, you only need to read the Bible. The Bible clearly shows how forgiving God is. It illustrates how God forgave various people even after they had done committed sins. The Bible helps us see God as a forgiving and loving being. And yes, this helps us strive to forgive others as He would have done.

If you are worried about how to get to heaven, reading the Bible shows us the way to heaven. While it is every Christian’s wish to get united with God in heaven, some might have a hard time knowing the way to achieve this. The Bible tells us how to get to heaven and get united with God. For this reason, one should read the Bible in order to know the way to heaven.