Prove your haters wrong by working against their evil wishes. The best way to pay back your haters in a positive way is doing better than they ever expected. It’s funny how most of us take our hater’s words seriously and let them destroy us. In so doing, we achieve and prove nothing. The first instinct that should engulf you the moment someone belittles you, thinks lowly of you or openly discredits your opinion should be proving them how right you were. Let’s take the story of the renowned entrepreneur and industrialist Ferruccio Lamborghini, for instance.

An inborn desire to change the world

Born in 1916 to farmers in Italy, Ferruccio Lamborghini spent a better part of his childhood doing farming. Having shown an overwhelming interest in engines from a tender age, he had joined the army during the 2nd World War where he learnt how to repair broken and damaged vehicles. Later in life, when he returned to his home as a civilian, he decided to advance in his childhood fantasy of inventing better engines. With an increasing demand for farming tractors, he decided to convert military cars into tractors for his farming community. The demand for tractors kept exploding and his business kept picking each and every day.

The game changer

After his tractor business thrived, Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to buy himself a luxurious and most prestigious car of his time and probably one of the most prestigious cars to date, “Ferrari”. He was, however, disappointed by some of the features of this car. The noisy gearbox and those inferior clutches got on his nerves. He had an idea and decided to give his two cents on the matter to the owner of Ferrari “Enzo Ferrari”. He gave his suggestions on some of the features he felt would have been better with a little refinement but the response he got is what changed the face of luxury cars to date. In fact, I’d say that the response was the game changer for luxury cars to date. Enzo blatantly and openly dismissed Ferruccio’s ideas terming them inappropriate especially from a tractor owner.

His reaction

What would you do if you were him, give up? Well, that’s what most of us would do. However, Ferruccio Lamborghini took the insult and decided to prove Enzo Ferrari that his idea was noble and not ill-advised as he had claimed. He decided to create a V12 engine by using some help from one, Giampaolo Dallara who was a skilled engineer. That marked the beginning of what is now the most prestigious luxury car, Lamborghini. And the rest is history.

The lesson

What would have happened if Ferruccio Lamborghini had decided to let the words of Enzo Ferrari hold him down? We wouldn’t have had the luxury cars from him today, right? That’s how life is. If you are strong or consider yourself strong, never let words destroy you. Take those words and work hard to prove those who intimidated you wrong. After all, the only way you get can get people to respect you. Especially when they think lowly of you, is by proving them wrong.

It’s all upon you to decide whether to let people hold the same opinion of you or prove them wrong. And yes, you should strive to prove that you have what it takes.




Kind words can lift a heavy heart. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed how much words can achieve, but I can assure you that words have power. The words you use can influence the direction of your relationship with someone, they can determine whether you get into trouble with someone or not and above all, they can determine how someone views you. Kind words are not sold, yet they seem too expensive for some of us to afford. Words like sorry, thank you, and welcome have for a long time parted with our mouths. Can you even remember the last time you used them? Encouraging each other or even apologizing for a simple mistake can change so many things; all we need to do is use kind words.

Kind words work more than force

Come to think of it; what would happen if you approached people kindly? Kind words make heavy hearts lighter. Force only hardens the person it’s being applied to. Have you ever wondered why hardcore criminals hardly reform by going to jail or being tortured yet end up being good people the moment they step into a church or meet up with a man of God? It’s all about the words used. The kind words used by the man of God touches their heart while the force used on them hurts the body. That’s how strong words can be. If you want to have a good time with people, learn to use kind words.

Kind words speak to the heart

More often than not, kind words speak to someone’s heart but unkind words get in through one ear and get out through the other. Speaking unkind words to someone is like building a castle in the air; it never comes true. And yes, the most beneficial conversation is the one that words speak to the heart and not the ears. For that reason, if you want to get someone to listen to you and get what you are saying, better use kind words and speak to their hearts other than using unkind words to speak to their ears.

Using kind words doesn’t make you inferior

I don’t know where people get the notion that using kind words means that someone is inferior. More often than not, we like attaching kind words to the feeling of being inferior. We see someone who uses kind words as being an inferior to the others. In most instances, I think people even attach kindness to power. They assume that someone of a higher rank should be rude to his/her juniors and get away with it. I have seen bosses who are ever rude when addressing their employees yet feel no guilt at all. If you thought using rude words will make the employees work harder, you are mistaken. Be kind and you will see results.

It’s never too late

In case you have been unkind or have been using unkind words, all isn’t lost. You can still do something about it. All you have to do is start not today or tomorrow; but NOW. Use kind words and you will see what miracles they can do.

All said and done, it’s time you started speaking to people’s hearts and not their ears. That can only be achieved by using kind words. Try it and you will see the results.




Which are the best relationship goals? When you are in a relationship, you also need to be in a friendship. I wonder how people claim to be partners yet they are not friends. It’s like someone becoming an adult without first passing through the teenage stage. I mean, a relationship is a friendship that has taken to the next level. So, if you are not friends, it’s practically impossible to have a good and harmonious relationship. That’s why you hear people asking their soul mates if they can take their friendships to the next level which is the relationship level. So, let’s look at some of the goals which need to be observed if at all you are to have an excellent relationship.

Talk like Best friends

When you are in a relationship, at whatever level, you need to talk like best friends. That creates a calm environment for you and the other person to talk freely without holding back. Come to think of it; who do you tell you secrets? It’s definitely not your mom or dad. You share most of your secrets with your best friends. For that reason, talk like friends, interact in a friendly manner and you will have nothing to hide from each other. Failure to do that will only create a tensed environment where each one of you strives to hide their information for their own safety.

Play like Children

You need to play like children even if it means literary doing it at a mature level. If you have been observant, you must have noticed that children really have fun when they play. I can vivid recall my early days when I had to cry the hell out just to get a chance a play with my friends. I could even forego lunch sometimes playing with my friends. That’s exactly how you need to be with each other. Play like children and you will be able to create a better environment for your relationship to grow. You don’t have to be serious all the day; play for some time and let stress out.

Argue like Husband and Wife

Argue like husband and wife. If you have been observant, you must have noticed that husbands and wife argue but still live under the same roof. They argue this minute and the next minute they are laughing. They are not talking to each other now but in the next five minutes, they are watching a movie together or in the kitchen preparing something. That’s how you need to make your relationship look and feel like. No relationships are perfect. I can never promise you that you will find a perfect person to be in a relationship with. After all, we are all human. What’s important is the fact that when we are in a relationship, we should never let our differences come between us. Let’s argue because it's healthy. But let’s iron out the differences as well.

Protect like Brothers and Sisters

Protect those you are in a relationship with like your brother or your sister. If you have siblings, I believe you fully understand what I mean. When your brother or sister is in a mess, you never rest till they are out. That’s the exact way you should be with those you are in a relationship with. Protect them like they were your brother or sister.

Relationships are quite healthy. They help us understand how to care about other people even above ourselves. If you want to have the best relationship, you have to adhere to these goals.




Did you know that your mouth can block your blessings? Well, now you know it. Our mouth is given so much power such that it can bless or curse, bring blessings or turn them away. It all depends on how we use it. Whatever you proclaim with your mouth, regardless of whether you meant or not, can always come true. For that reason, be careful with what you utter.

Whatever you confess, that you possess

I wonder where people ever get the guts to talk negatively about themselves. Whatever you confess with your mouth is as good as done. If you say that life is hard for you, you will definitely live a hard life. I once got to listen to music by one renowned artist whom I choose not to disclose for personal reasons. The song went like” we are born to suffer………” I think that was the chorus because it kept repeating for a better part of the song. I was simply astonished at how someone would even think of that let alone saying it. And yes, if you sing along that kind of a song and then let those words sink into your head, you will definitely be blocking your blessings. Let me make something clear before I proceed; No one is born to suffer.

What you say is what you believe

There is a strong connection between what you say and what you believe in. I can’t understand how someone would utter words which are contrary to what they believe in. I have had different opinions about people only to change them the moment they open their mouth to talk. And yes, I have grown to believe that what you say is a crystal clear indicator of what you believe in. It’s through our faith that blessing come into our life. If you utter words which are on the contrary with the biblical teachings, that’s a clear indication that you are not a true believer. Say positive things about yourself and you will live positively.

Tame your tongue

I have always known the tongue to be a small yet a very powerful part of our body. It is used to praise God, it’s also used to command blessings and above all, it’s used to block blessings. You have to learn to tame your tongue otherwise, you will be blocking your own blessings. Use the tongue only when it’s really necessary and when you are speaking good things about yourself. If something is blocking your blessings, you better cut it. (Not literary implied).

Blessings and curses are all asked for by you

Do you ever sit down and start blaming the devil for your misfortune. Maybe you are directing your frustration towards the wrong direction. Maybe it’s you who is blocking your blessings. It’s possible that you are the source of your misfortunes. And yes, that’s all determined by what you utter. Try changing the things you say and maybe you will see a difference.

If you want blessings to come into your life, simply command them to. And also, if you want to block them, simply say it and it will be done. It all depends on what you say at any given time.




Success has no time limit. Whether you are young or old, success will always knock at your door when the time is right. I have seen people who have defied age and are a living proof that age is just a number. I have seen people who have also crossed over the bridge from the lowest social class to being the highest paid or the most successful people around. If people can come from nothing to something, then there are zero limits to success. If people have achieved tremendous success at an early age, you don’t have to use age as an excuse to become a failure. However, today I want to draw your attention to 4 people who made it in life at an incredibly old age; a clear indication that success knows no boundaries.

Martha Stewart

This is one woman who clearly proved that age can never dictate how successful one can be. In fact, she has demonstrated the fact that old is gold. Having worked hard through life on a wall street, her success story became an inspiration to many people. At the age of 41, that was when her major breakthrough struck. After the publication of her first book, Entertaining, that was when her life took a completely different turn. And yes, that was the initial mark of what is now a successful lady by the name Martha Steward. With the launch of Martha Stewart Living 7 years later, success kept following her day after day.

Vera Wang

This is yet another woman who proved that age is never a determinant of how successful you become unless you decide to let it be. Having been a fashion editor for a better part of her youthful days, Vera Wang made her major breakthrough at the age of 40 when she was getting married. She decided to venture into fashion design and in fact commissioned her own wedding dress for about $10,000. The rest is simply history.

Harland Sanders

This is one man whose success story is one filled with twists and turns. Having been a complete failure for a better part of his life, he later made his major breakthrough at the age of 65. This man had known little or no success in his early age, In fact, most of the businesses he started had always failed him including his numerous restaurant businesses. However, at the age of 65, he would transform his life forever after selling his first ever Kentucky fried chicken franchise.

Rodney Dangerfield

This late comedy actor made his major breakthrough in acting at the age of 46 when he got a chance to feature on the Ed Sullivan show. Of course, the rest was history from that time onwards.

You too can make a difference and become a force to be reckoned with on this planet. If you have been hiding under you 30 or 40 years claiming that you are now too old to start something new, it’s time you woke up. Just trust in your potential and things will never be the same again.




Your family is the best team you could ever have. Perhaps that’s why the wise say “East or west, home is the best”. I want to believe the word home in this context is supposed to mean where our family members are. There is no doubt that our family is all we have to hold us when we are going down and celebrate with us when we are going up. Show me one individual who doesn’t have a family but enjoys this life, and I will show you a whole nation of happy people with beautiful families. Our families are integral parts of our entire existence.

Things do not have to be good all the time

There are times when we are not in good terms with some of our family members. This does not imply that we are bad people or they are either. This is only an indication that we are simply human. However, whenever we are not in good terms, we always have to look for solutions. Ensure that you iron out your issues with any member of your family. In fact, make it your resolution to never sleep when you have anything against any member of your family. This will strengthen your bond and encourage teamwork. And yes, we all know what teamwork can achieve.

A family is a motivating factor

Do you know why it’s always hard for street kids who have no family to succeed? It’s because of the fact that they lack a motivating figure and a person to gauge their performance. Take this scenario for example; if your dad is a doctor, your mom a lawyer and your elder brother a pilot, you will definitely find yourself working hard to live up to their expectations. This acts as a motivating factor. At the same time, when your family is not leading such a happy life, you always find yourself working hard to change their living standards. Families motivate us in countless ways which are a topic for another day.

Let your family stick together

A family is a team. Let’s take a football team for instance; if the players were in bad terms, would that team ever win? Imagine the defender running all the way across the field to go and score simply because he can’t pass the ball to the other players? That would be the height of insanity and that team would be doomed to fail. That’s exactly how a broken family is. You need to ensure that you do whatever you can to make your family a single team. That way, you will achieve everything you have ever wanted to achieve as a family. If everyone works on their own, you will be rehearsing to fail.

Tolerance is crucial

In this life, without tolerance, we would be at war each and every day. We have to learn to tolerate each other as a family. We might not share the same opinions, but we can still live happily. We do not have to see things from the same angle, but that doesn’t make us enemies. If you want to go far as a family, learn to tolerate each other.

All said and done, if you want to have a family that moves forward, learn to stick together like a team and tolerate each other’s different views.




Miracles happen when God steps in. When you get to a point where there seems to be no way out, that’s the exact moment when God steps in and works out miracles. Although some situations might push you to the point that you question whether God is really watching you, you need not worry yourself. He only does things when His time is right.

God is a miracle worker, not a fairy godmother

We need to understand that God is not one of those fairy tale characters who grant wishes in a magical manner. God is a strategic being and works out miracles when the time is right. And yes, when He steps in, that’s when miracles happen. He does not grant wishes, He fulfills his plans in our lives. He does not make true our wild fantasies, He only works miracles meant for our own good. God does not work miracles simply because we ask for them; He works miracles because we actually need them.

He steps in when we least expect

When we pray, there are three options we should expect from God. He can either answer immediately, ask us to wait or simply decline the request depending on whether it’s really necessary for us or not. When God fails to respond immediately, do not lose hope. All you need to do is simply relax and wait till his time is right. It might take some time, but it’s worth the wait. Do not despair, just give God His time. Do not expect God to work miracles in an instant, He takes his time and prepares you for your miracle before He grants it. Just like a mother gives their child time to have their teeth grow before she can give them hard food, so does God give you time to get ready for your miracle.

Pray until something happens

If you really believe that what you have been praying for is a necessity to you, you need to keep pushing until something happens. Persistence and faith are two basic qualities you need to exhibit in this life. If you persist, do it with faith and God will make a way where there seems to be none. In most cases, we only pray for some time and then lose hope and start trying things on our own. And yes, that’s where we go wrong. When you see nothing happening, keep pushing harder and God will certainly show His face to you.

A miracle is on its way, just hold on a little longer

Just like you only find your fruits ripe but never notice the process taking place, so will you be seeing miracles in your life without noticing any indications. Miracles are already around you, it’s just a matter of time before you notice them. The best you can do is hang on a little longer. Prayer with hope and perseverance only makes your miracles bigger and better.

While things might seem tough and out of control, worry not. God is already in charge and will definitely see you through. He will work miracles for you in ways you can never explain.




Life is hard but not impossible. In this life, storms and tribulations are bound to come our way. The good news is, in the middle of all these troubles and hardships, there is always a way out. All we need to do is remain strong and never give up. Hardships are bound to strengthen but not destroy us. The funny thing about life is the fact that the way we view hard times determines whether we will overcome them or not. If you view hard times as a stumbling block to your success, you might never overcome them. On the other hand, if you take hard times as an opportunity for you to learn and grow strong, you will definitely win.

Never give up

Giving up is the first sign of a person headed in the wrong direction. If you let hard times hold you down, you will have worse times than ever. The secret is simple; never let any situation stop you from achieving your goals in life. Don’t let tribulations slow you down or make you give up in life. Instead of giving up when you are going through a tough situation, you should be working even harder to overcome it. That’s the secret of life. I have seen people who have faced tough time but stood strong and finally made it. I have also seen people who allowed tough times to hold them down and ended up being frustrated. Whether you are going to be the successful one or the one who gives up and stays frustrated, it all depends on you.

Hard work pays

Hard work pays. And yes, it pays substantially. Although things might seem impossible today, you never know what tomorrow has in store for you. Although your hard work might appear fruitless today, maybe you will see its fruits tomorrow. For that reason, you need to make sure that you work hard and never slow down no matter what comes your way. It’s funny how most of us work hard only to stop the moment we are faced with a single obstacle. If you worked hard when things seemed to be going in the right direction, you need to work even harder when things seem to be taking a different turn. That’s how you are going to overcome hard times.

Invite God to walk with you

In this constantly waxing and waning journey of life, the best thing we can do is invite God to walk with us every step of the way. With God by our side, we will have the strength and power to overcome every hardship that we face. When God walks with us, we see tribulations and hard times as a test to make us stronger and increase our experience and faith in God.

Life is not impossible, but it can if you let it

I would like to make something very clear. Life is not impossible, but it can definitely become impossible if you allow it. It all boils down to how to you view life and how you want it to be. You are the driver of your own life. You hold the steering wheel and only you can determine whether things will be smooth for you or not.

Life is all about the choice we make and the chances we take. Life will always be hard at times, but we have the power to overcome any situation. 




Do you best today and you are best prepared for tomorrow. Yesterday’s mistakes are less important today and tomorrow’s achievements are uncertain. All we have is today and that’s why we have to work like it is our last day. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder how the world would be if we all lived each day like it is our last. The shape of your tomorrow is drawn today. If you want to have better living standards tomorrow, you have to work tirelessly today.

Yesterday is gone, we can only learn from it

Whether you did things right or wrong, you can never change your yesterday. Instead of spending sleepless nights thinking about the things you could have done differently yesterday, you need to focus your attention on the things you can do today. After all, whether you worry the whole day or even for a year, the mistakes you made yesterday can never be undone. All you can do about yesterday’s mistakes is learn from them and try to avoid them today. And yes, that’s the secret to a fulfilled living. Each day gives you an opportunity to correct all the mistakes you made yesterday, but most of us choose to waste today regretting about yesterday. As a matter of fact, that’s the worst mistake that you can ever do in this life.

Tomorrow is not certain, we only hope for it

We make plans for tomorrow, but we can never be certain about it. It’s only through faith that we hope to see the next day. How many people went to bed yesterday but never saw this new day? What we need to understand is the fact that although we have plans for tomorrow, we can never be certain about it. The end is always near, and we never know the day or the hour. It could be tomorrow or even the next minute. For that reason, we should never forget about today as we focus on tomorrow. We should work hard today and hope that we see the next day, but we should never postpone what we were to do today saying that we will do it tomorrow. If you want to make it in this life, don’t wait for tomorrow.

Today is a gift, that’s why we call it present

Yesterday is gone and we can never do anything about it. Tomorrow is not certain although we plan for it. And yes, today is all we have to do what we have to do. There is a reason why today is called present. I mean, today is like a gift we have been given to change yesterday’s failure and shape our bright tomorrow. It’s only through hard work that we can better our tomorrow. The good thing about life is the fact that our tomorrow is not determined by what we did yesterday, but by what we do today. Whether you made mistakes yesterday or not, you have a chance to make your future brighter today. Every day, as you wake up, you need to take it as a gift and a chance for you to better your future.

Be positive about life

In this life, the worst thing you can ever do is giving up. If you give up today, you affect tomorrow and the days to come. Instead of giving up in life, you should be positive and hope that things will get better. After all, life is never an easy journey. The good thing about life is the fact that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You need to focus on the light and not the darkness in the funnel.

Although there are so many things that we could have done differently yesterday, that’s already history. We need to work hard today, in order to better our tomorrow.




Encourage yourself to be successful. In case you aren’t aware, you and only you can determine how successful you become in this life. If you don’t work hard to become successful, I doubt if God can even help you. God blesses the work of your hands. So, if the work of your hands is resting, I wonder how God is going to bless that. If you ever want to have the finer things in life, you have to stop wishing and start living it. You have to encourage yourself to work extra hard towards success. I have seen people who have come from nothing to something. All they did was work hard. And yes, I believe that you have a few examples around you of people who were nothing yet became something thanks to hard work.

Be thirsty for success

One thing that has always motivated me to work harder is my undying desire to live comfortably. Of course, every human being wants to live comfortably. What makes the difference is how hard one works towards achieving better living standards. Personally, I have seen people who are contented with low living standards and never put any efforts to change their lives. These are the very same people you will hear complaining of how life has been tough for them yet they do nothing about it. If you want to be successful, you have to be thirsty for success. And yes, being thirsty is not enough. You also have to work hard for it.

Never rest till you make it

Through my interaction with people, I came across a Swahili phrase which says “Atafutaye hachoki” which is translated to mean that whoever is looking for something never gets tired. And yes, I have never forgotten it or the person who said to me. In a nutshell, when you are working hard towards success, you should never expect it to be a smooth ride. However, the good news is, no matter how hard it gets, there is always hope for a better future. You should never rest until you have everything you ever wanted.

Pray and work hard

A combination of prayer and hard work is the perfect dosage for you to become successful. If you pray, all you need to do is work hard and then let God bless the work of your hands. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder why some people never seem to work hard yet they have everything they ever needed in life. But then, I always remember that someone along their ancestral hierarchy must have been really hard working. Imagine being the person who transforms the living standards of your entire generation. Your parents might have been living an average life, but you can change the living standards of your next generations. All you need to do is pray and work extra harder.

Follow the right path to success

When the desire to succeed evolves to greed, there is always a temptation for you to use dubious schemes to become successful. One thing I would like to stress very categorically is the fact that you should never fall for that temptation. It’s better to earn a justified dime than unjustified millions. If you want to really be successful and be proud of it, just follow the right path.

Success is determined by our own efforts. If you put more efforts, you will definitely achieve whatever you want to have in life.




Cheating and lying are choices not a mistake. In most cases, unlike choices, mistakes do not have a second option. Looking at both cheating and lying, one has a choice of doing the right thing or telling the truth. Therefore, it goes without saying that there is no excuse for anyone who lies or cheats. Calling these two vices a mistake is a blatant insult and should never be condoned at all. If you find yourself cheating or lying and then using the word mistake for defense, then you need to really re-check your values and character.

Cheating and lying can never be justified

Sometimes as I walk around, I hear people debating on whether someone can be allowed to lie in a situation where the lie will save the day. I have personally gotten into a debate with some people claiming that even God would understand if one lied in order to save a situation. Some people even go a mile ahead to cite the biblical story of Abraham and his wife as a way of justifying the fact that one can lie at times. In all these scenarios, I always maintain a firm stand that lies can never be justified no matter what the situation is. For those who claim that even Abraham lied to save a situation, I always ask them these questions; who told you that his lying was justified? Who said that since it was a lie from Abraham it wasn’t a sin? Abraham just like all of us was a human being and all human beings sin at a point. For that reason, I maintain that cheating and lying should never be justified.

You always have an option

Unless you have a gun pointed to your head, I can never understand why one would decide to lie and then term it as a mistake. After all, you had an option to say the truth yet you decided to lie. That means you are a liar and there are no two ways about that. In this life, we have to learn to make the right choice and live by them just like God Himself tells us to do. If we decide to always make the wrong choices simply because they look convenient for us only to start claiming that it was a mistake later, we will be headed in the wrong direction.

Tell the truth and face the consequences

It’s better for one to avoid cheating and lying by simply telling the truth and living with the consequences. After all, it is always a matter of it before the truth comes out. For that reason, instead if lying and cheating in order to postpone the consequences, it’s even safer for you to simply make the right decision by telling the truth.

Ask for forgiveness

We need to understand that making the right decision and telling the truth gives us an opportunity to even ask for forgiveness especially in cases where the truth is bitter to the person we tell. I wonder why some people say that they lie to protect someone. If lying is meant to protect me, I’d rather be hurt with the truth. And yes, that should always be the case for everyone. Instead of lying to protect someone, tell the truth and then ask for forgiveness for whatever wrong you had done.

If you cheat you are a cheater and if you lie you are a liar, period. The two are a choice and can never be used as excuses by calling them mistakes.




A beautiful heart is better than a beautiful face. If you were given an option to choose between the two, I think this would be like choosing between a rock and a hard ground for most people. Others would simply go for a good look. In fact, I have a deep conviction that the number of people who would go for a beautiful heart and let go of a beautiful face would be quite small. Perhaps this is what has led to moral decay in most countries all over the world where people strive to enhance their facial beauty while neglecting the beauty of their heart.

A beautiful heart will take you to heaven

Let’s get honest about this issue for once; can a beautiful face take you to heaven? It’s funny how most people focus on their facial beauty and forget that God only looks at their heart and not their face. After all, no matter how beautiful you are, without a clean heart, getting to heaven is not any easier than a camel passing through a needle. It’s time we shifted our focus and projected much attention to our inner beauty as opposed to the facial one. If you want to make it to heaven, make your heart beautiful. Instead of wasting a whole day cleaning and pampering your face, you should, at least, take some time to clean all evil habits from your heart and pamper it with good virtues and fertilize it with the Word of God.

Facial beauty fades but the beauty of your heart lasts forever

The other day, I was perusing the internet and I happened to stumble upon a photo of Miss Universe from several decades. She was a Miss Universe back then, but today, the beauty is no more. The funny thing about facial beauty is the fact that it fades away. And yes, after it fades away just like mist, you are left stranded. Instead of investing your quality time on the facial beauty which is temporary, you should instead invest on the beauty of your hearts which lives forever and ever.

Facial beauty is appreciated on earth while heart’s beauty is appreciated in heaven

On earth, you hear of Mr and Miss Universe, World, country, region or even organizations. Sometimes I get some wild thoughts and wonder why we never have a competition for people with the most beautiful hearts. All we hear around is appreciations for those with beautiful faces and attractive bodies. However, in that situation, I always remember that those with a beautiful heart will be appreciated in heaven. The kind, loving, caring, patient, merciful, helpful and supportive will all be crowned in heaven. And yes, that is what motivates me to make my heart beautiful. Although you might not be appreciated on earth for having a beautiful heart, you will definitely get your reward in heaven.

Good news is that you can pursue both

These two are not mutually exclusive. That is the beauty of life. You can have both facial and heart’s beauty and still be good. And yes, that is the best thing about this situation. If these two were mutually exclusive, we all would have a hard time deciding where to go. However, since these two can thrive together, you can pursue both and still live happily.

While the beauty of the heart remains more important than facial beauty, if you can still pursue both and lead a happy life, things would be perfect for you.




Enjoy your life now; you never know what the future holds. Every day is unique. If you are alive and healthy today, have fun and enjoy every moment. Funny enough, no one will ever give you happiness in this world. All you have to do is find your own happiness. If you do not enjoy your life now while you have the chance, you might not get that chance any other time. Regardless of what you are going through, you need to enjoy life.

Life is never perfect, enjoy it as it is

Funny enough, some of us wait for that moment when we have everything in order to have fun and enjoy life. If you wait for that moment, you might never enjoy this life. As I was growing up, I always thought that I would be the happiest person on earth after buying a house and a owning a car. After achieving that, I started feeling like I would enjoy life if I had a beautiful family and a flourishing business. I worked hard and achieved that. Guess what happened next. Instead of being happy, I kept setting up new goals thinking that I would have fun and enjoy life after achieving them. Funny enough, every achievement paved way for me to set a new goal. In a jiffy, if you want to enjoy life, you should start now. If you thought that you will ever have everything you have ever needed on this earth, you are really mistaken. Even if you had all the money on earth, you would still need something else. Life will never be perfect, enjoy it as it is.

Share the joy with those around you

The best way to enjoy this life is sharing the joy with those around you. Share it with your friends, family members, neighbors or even your better half. I find it hard to believe that someone would enjoy this life on their own. Enjoying life with the people around you is an awesome way and gives adequate contentment.

Joy can’t be bought

Have you ever seen very rich people who have everything on this earth yet never seem to be happy? At the same time, have you seen people who don’t have much yet seem to enjoy this life more than anyone else? Fellow Christians, if you thought that you can buy joy, you are really mistaken. You do not need money in order for you to enjoy life. And yes, you do not need wealth in order for you to enjoy life as well. Use the little you have to have fun.

Do not do it tomorrow or today; do it now

If you haven’t been enjoying life, you need to start this very moment. Don’t wait for tomorrow, start enjoying this very moment. We all have different way of enjoying life. Some of us enjoy life when we help those around them. Others enjoy when they go on a holiday. Whatever makes you happy, make sure you go for it.

Brothers and sisters, enjoy life. In fact, you need to have fun in each and everything you do. If you are doing something that you don’t find enjoyable, you better stop doing it and find something you enjoy doing. That is the secret to a happy life.




You are born to be a winner; live like one. Fellow Christians, God has placed so much potential in you such that if you only used a fraction of it; you would really achieve so much in this life. It’s funny how some of us lead a life that paints an image of them being failures. From the word go, God designed you to be a winner. He created you to achieve everything you ever wish for in this life. Brethren, it's time you utilized your potential.

Winners Never Quit

There is this unique characteristic common to all winners; they never quit. If you find yourself giving up in this life, then you are certainly not living like a winner. Fellow Christians, since you are a born a winner, you are automatically given an opportunity to overcome any situation that comes your way. Ask any winner how they managed to get to the winning position, and they will tell you that it wasn’t easy. Take those people who participate in marathons, for instance. They really get tired yet they never give up. Second position after the second position until they one day, they win. That should be the spirit fellow Christians. I believe winners never quit and quitters never win.

Even Champions Lose At Times

Fellow Christians, the fact that you are born a winner is not a guarantee that you will always win. As a matter of fact, even champions lose at times. What you do after losing is more important than the fact that you have lost. I have witnessed champions losing at one point in their life. What they do after that determines the direction their life takes afterward. If you give up simply because you have lost at one point, then you are definitely not living up like a winner. Losing is an opportunity for you to put more efforts and work hard to make sure that you take back your position. Brothers and sisters, as a winner, losing gives you an opportunity to rise up more energetic than ever before.

After being born a winner; work hard to become a champion

It’s funny how most of us settle for the fact that we are winners. Even position 2 is a winner but position 1 is the champion. Fellow Christians, do not just settle for the fact that you are born a winner. In fact, since you are born a winner, you need to work hard to become a champion. This is what I personally call being in a competition with yourself. If you want to make it in this life, you better work hard to become the best version of yourself.

Keep your position as a winner

Have you ever come across people who lose interest after their first win and never come back to the limelight? I have seen people who let the fact that they are winners get into them to the point that they stop working hard. Fellow Christians, do not be contented by the fact that you are a winner. Work hard to keep your status as a winner.

Being a winner should be more than just a name. If you are a Christian, make sure that your life portrays an image of a winner and not a loser. And yes, you should keep working hard to become more than just a winner. In fact, you need to become a champion.




Replace negative thoughts with God's truth. Maybe we need to address what God’s truth is. First, as Christians, we need to understand that God’s truth encourages us to live positively and stay away from negative thoughts. 

We need to live a positive lifestyle which portrays us as beams of hope for those around us. Brothers and sisters, if you have negative thought; you will live a negative life.

Be Positive

There is this strange relationship between what we think and what our lives turn out to be. Have a look at those people who have had the finer things in life. Talk to successful people and you will notice something common to all of them. Besides the fact that they all have money and wealth, you will also notice that they all have a positive thinking. They understand that God created them to be successful and not failures. In fact, God’s truth is that He created us as champions. Deciding to become a failure in life is in contrast to what God created you to be. Fellow Christians, God never created you to be a failure. For that reason, you need to start thinking positively.

Think positively; live positively

Show me a single person who has negative thoughts yet gets to live a positive life and I will show you a million positive minded people who live happily. Brethren, it’s funny how life turns out to be what we think of it to be. I wonder why people claim that there are no jobs in the world today yet I personally see so many employment opportunities. Success and failure are all based on your thoughts. Before you can become successful in life, it all begins with how you think. The way you view life is exactly how it’s going to be. If you say that there are no jobs, you will never wake up to go for an interview. And, who said that you need to be employed in order to become successful? Come to think of it; can’t you become an employer yourself? Be positive and good things will grace every day of your life.

Faith is what it takes

Perhaps what we need to understand is the fact that having negative thoughts is a clear manifestation of little faith in God. If you have enough faith in you, you need to understand that God created you for good things and not bad ones. It all boils down to how much faith we have in God. Brothers and sisters, it is time you ran away from negative thoughts and used your faith to see what God has in store for you. I get really disturbed when I see fellow Christians living like slaves. Fellow Christians; we are sons and daughters of a king.

Proclaim good things in your life

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why someone would see themselves as slaves yet expect to become kings. It is ironical how most of us think of themselves as failures yet expect God to miraculously make them successful. Fellow Christians, things don’t work that way. If you have positive thoughts, you will have everything you ever want. It all begins with letting go of those negative thoughts and giving God’s truth a chance.

The power to be successful or a failure is all vested in your mind. If you think positively, you will be successful. And yes, the vice-versa is not a lie either.