From the '7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ to 'The leader who had no title’, several books have been published all across the world by prolific authors. Man’s hectic life makes him run out of time. It can indeed be very difficult to confront the daily issues and still remain inspired. To assist you in your journey for success, here is a small, helpful guide which will help you remain inspired.

Avoid negative thoughts, people, things and habits
At least once in your life you must have felt incompetent, been scared of failing without even giving yourself a chance or even anticipated the worst scenario to eventually give up. Pushing one’s mind or soul to the verge of negativity indeed entails ineluctable repercussions. Beating yourself down for even a few moments can affect mindset deeply. In fact, believing that you are incompetent, incapable of success or that you don’t deserve victory can be very detrimental to your inner spirit. Negative thoughts often arise from hearing other’s feedback on you, merging in a social group that promotes pessimism, or adopting regular habits which boost counter-productiveness and consequently gives rise to the inexorable subsequent sensation of disappointment. One way to avoid getting drowned in the pernicious sea of despondency and negativity is to stay away from those negative individuals. As goes the old proverb, one bad apple spoils the bunch. Replace cynicism by optimism and you will definitively succeed.

Believe in God and in yourself
The power of believing in yourself is one that is very often underestimated and which many fail to adopt in their journey to reach the zenith. Encouraging yourself that you are able to succeed and become better or work harder is a must. Believing in God is another inspiration which will indeed help you to carve your future. The belief in God is somehow ignored in this era where science and technology are taking the lead. Indeed this belief has great powers which are helpful when trying to stay motivated. The fact of believing that an ultimate being is watching over you in your quotidian gives rise to the feeling of security and hope in turbulent times. 

Consider things from every angle and other peoples' point of views
While your point of view is of paramount importance in your life, you still shouldn’t obliterate others' opinion when it comes to take important decisions which may have an impact on your future. Seeking the point of view of others - whether positive or negative - is sine qua non as you will have to weigh the pros and cons to make the best decision out of it. This will result in more certain conclusive results and avoid any imminent regrets.

Dare to dream and dream big
Dreams enfold impressive potentials which can help enormously when deciding to build a future. You should be encouraged to dream big when you plan to achieve a particular goal in your life. In fact, dream big. Bigger dream will skyrocket you to the summit and even if fail once, you will fall close to your dreams and it will hence be easier to get back on track again.

Energize yourself with the Word of God
Yoga, Tahiti and meditation are all relaxing activities which also energize you inner spirit. They give you inner strength but yet, the very fact of pronouncing the name of the Lord daily at any moment will energize make yourself feel energized and zealous to tackle your daily chores. Whether in good times or bad misfortunes, just take the word of God to feel better.

Family and friends are hidden treasures, enjoy these riches
Gregariousness might be one of the traits that we are losing as humans in this technological era. It thereby becomes crucial to keep in touch with our loved ones. In fact, getting along with people, including our family and friends, is very crucial to become a better individual. Family and friends, often called as hidden treasures of humans should be cherish since they can of great moral support both in good as well as bad times.

Give more than you receive
Generosity is another quality that is in dearth in these modern times. The quality of spontaneously giving help to others to your very best is one that in future will be very helpful to you. People, remembering the utmost help you’ve given, shall definitely repay you again later.

Have a good sense of humor
Your sense of humor plays a key role in your social life. Indubitably, a good sense of humor will help to attract more people in your social circle and as a result bring the feeling of acceptance and consequently the make you happy. 

Ignore criticism, ridicule and discouragement from others
Hearing the criticism of others can often make you beat yourself down. In fact, rather than cutting off those disparagement, use them to your own benefit. Use them to ensure that everything is right and make any necessary corrections if required.

Jump on problems because they are opportunities in disguise
Problems will always be an issue throughout your lifetime; they will constantly come and go. It’s in fact up to you to decide how to tackle them. Don't ignore them. Learn how to deal with them gradually and you shall find out that they are not such a big deal and form part of the very process of living.

Keep up the good work however hard it may seem
Maintaining the same level of excellence in your work is very essential in your professional life as well as your quotidian to struggle in harsh conditions. If your current efforts are very rewarding, you shouldn’t then stop making efforts. Keep on working hard and never give up when everything seems at a loss.

Love God first, then others before yourself
Loving others in your life is very important. One of the good qualities that you should have is to prioritize God in your life. Focus only on yourself and you are leading yourself into a predictable doom. In order to become a better person, place God and others before yourself.

Make impossibility a possibility
When undertaking new projects you are often told that the task is either too hard due to its complexity or impossible. Such a thing as impossible doesn’t even exist. Many philosophers will attest this statement. It is your job to make the impossible possible. Taking this step in your life will have a positive impact in future projects as it will make upcoming herculean tasks look feasible and easy to tackle. 

Never lie, cheat or steal, always strike a fair deal
Always play fair and square throughout your lifetime. Cheating, lying and committing thefts are sinful. Individuals who keep on practicing these immoral acts are in fact injuring their morale and spirit. Their spirit will be impure and it will be difficult for others to actually trust them. Eventually, the society neglects them and they have the feeling that their life is miserable.

Open your eyes and see things as they really are
One of the wisest qualities that you should have is to see the reality without lying to your mind. You should see things how they actually are and not fool your brain. Such an act can be injurious to yourself as well as your future. Be brave and accept the situation as it is and don’t mess with your pure mind.

Practice makes you a master of your craft
It is often said that perseverance coupled with practice leads to perfection. For whatever task you’ve undertaken, you should keep on practicing hard to become the master of your game. 

Quitters never win and winner never quit
For any current project that you’ve been handling, keep them tight in your grasp. Don’t give up on the task however hard it looks. Once you’ve started, finish the job with your touch of excellence. Bear in mind that winners never quit midway.

Reward yourself for every small achievement and success
We often tend to misunderstand the concept of rewarding ourselves after victories. Successes don’t have to be big ones for us to reward ourselves. In order to keep on being motivated to do your job, gift yourself a little treat for each small victory. This way you will be encouraged to carry on your journey.

Stop wishing, start praying and start acting on your journey to success
Wishing for anything materialistic or spiritual won’t lead to any thing great if you want to achieve. To realize your dreams, praying is excellent start and secondly taking action to make your wishes become reality. Relying on the unpredictable fate will not help. To concretize your ideas, start right now by working towards your objectives.

Take control of your life and your goals
An indeed important fact that you need to remember is that the life you’ve been booned with is yours that only you should control it. You shouldn’t let others or their opinions take over your journey to a better life or success. You are the one who should decide what to do.

Understand so you can be understood
Man, by nature, wants to be appreciated by his counterparts who should care for him according to his expectations. Before seeking the care, attention of others, understand who you are on the inside. In that way, others will find it easier to understand who are and how you actually feel.

Visualize your goals and dreams every moment
Before taking any decision to concretize your dreams you should firstly visualize your goals. Peruse over and meditate on what you wish to be. In fact, in order to keep on with your work and never give up, think about your dreams regularly.

Win over your own weaknesses and transform them as your strengths
Additionally, it is very important that you overcome your weaknesses and tackle them. Work on those weak points and to become better. Make those weaknesses your strengths. Note that your Achilles heel should not lead you to your downfall.

Xccelerate (accelerate) all your dreams and efforts
When working to reach the summit, you should always bear in mind that in this highly competitive world you are not alone. If you want to succeed you have to work hard and fast. Rapidity plays a crucial role in this world and you need to be spontaneous to succeed.

Yes, you can and you will
Moreover, a positive mindset will keep urging you to reach your objective and succeed. Always believe that you can and will be able to complete any task that you’ve been handled. These constructive thoughts will help you to go through any hard times.

Zap your stress and enjoy your life now
Stress can be a serious issue and can be insidious to one’s welfare. Remove any type of stress in your life and cherish the life you’ve been given. Enjoy yourself and fill your present with good memories for the past which will keep boosting you to work harder. 

God has gifted you with a life. You’ve got only one chance, remember. So make your best use out of it by seizing every opportunity which comes by your hand. Always adopt the best morals and make unregrettable decisions. In favorable moments or times of misfortune, God will always be by your side, ready help you.




Conventional beauty standards particularly in the Western culture are largely seen as unrealistic and aimed at putting unnecessary pressure on women. Beauty pageants have regularly come under fire for reinforcing the idea of judging women based on their physical appearance, promoting conventional beauty standards that are unrealistic and objectifying women. Pageants today have however evolved from ranking contestants on their physical attributes alone to include intelligence, talent, personality traits and interview questions as criteria for picking the winner. The just concluded Miss Universe judged contestants based on their stand on several issues as well as their beauty, grace and poise. 

The three categories in beauty pageants: the evening gown category, swimsuit category and interview on stage focus on various qualities and contribute to the overall score.

The evening gown category evaluates a contestant’s confidence, poise, maturity and grace as well as inner beauty. The general style in the evening gown category looks at how poised the contestant is and how she carries herself in a situation that calls for dignified modesty and grace. The elegance of the gown, makeup and entire look allow the contestant’s inner beauty to shine through. 

Although the swimsuit category focuses on the physical appearance of the contestants, the participants are also judged on their confidence and poise. The swimsuit category has been one of the most controversial categories in beauty pageants since the category was introduced. Although it panders to the idea of women objectification and the promotion of unrealistic beauty standards, the category also builds self-confidence and with many swimsuits worn by the contestants being fun and quirky, it also judges the contestants’ personality, charm and energy. 

The Q&A category judges the contestants’ confidence, posture, personality, intelligence, their understanding of current and platform issues and what they plan to do in service of the community and empowerment of women and marginalized groups through the platform. Some questions posed during the Miss Universe 2016 contest included concerns on the election of Donald Trump to presidency, the refugee situation and whether countries should open their borders, human and women’s rights and women’s empowerment. This category judges the contestants’ intelligence and the issues that they will likely tackle in the period they will reign as Miss Universe. 

Beauty pageant organizations have made various efforts to use the platforms they have to make the world a better place. For instance, various beauty pageant organizations have raised millions for charity, provided job opportunities, scholarships and financial support for millions of needy individuals. Each winning contestant is given the opportunity to push a social issue that she feels passionate about and to sensitize society on the issue. The contest is also meant to promote unity, cultural integration and the concept of beauty with a purpose. Beauty pageants have come a long way from judging contestants based purely on their weight, height and body measurements and have become an excellent way to champion human and women’s rights showcase the cultures of various nations and function as a platform for social issues. Iris Mittenaere, the just crowned Miss Universe 2016 now has the chance to be the face of social change until another can hold the title in the next Miss Universe 2017.


Failure is a Part of Success if You Learn from it


Watching the Miss Universe 2016 coronation night, I came to learn that as much as it is painful, failure is indeed a vital component of success. 

When asked to name something over the course of her life that she failed at, the 65th Miss Universe, Iris Mittenaere from France said, “I’ve failed several times in my life. So I thought that I failed the first time that I went out on a casting because my name wasn't on the list. The very next day, I found that I was in a new book. So I think that when you fail, you have to be elevated, you have to try again, and keep going. If tonight, I'm not one of the winners, I will still have the great honor of being one of the 3 finalists. So I think that I have failed before, but I think this is a great first opportunity." 

Listening to her response, here are 4 reasons why failure is a part of success if you learn from it.

4 Reasons Why Failure is a Part of Success if You Learn from it

1. Failure Will Provoke You to Reach Your Potential
To make the "impossible" possible and reach your full potential, you need not fear failure. Embracing failure without a fear attitude maximizes your perseverance, determination, and motivation. To achieve success in life, you must know resilience. Only through failing will you build resilience. If Miss Iris had given up when her name wasn't on the list after the fast casting, she would have never become Miss Universe 2016.

2. Failure is the Best Teacher
Failure is life's ultimate lesson ideal for growth. No matter how you try to avoid it, failure will happen. This does not mean that you should always expect failure, but when it occurs, accept it. The knowledge that failure brings with it can be harnessed to overcome future setbacks. Nothing can replace the lessons of failure. If Miss Iris didn't believe that if you fail you need to try again and keep going, she wouldn't have won that prestigious crown. Failure makes you reconsider, rethink, and discover new strategies and ways to accomplish your goals. Only through failure will you learn from your mistakes and understand yourself. 

3. Failure Brings Humility
Listening to Miss Iris, you will marvel at her level of humility. Failure has a way of humbling people. When your ego gets in your way, you will not open your heart and mind to new ideas from other people. To be successful, you have to accept correction in humility. Most importantly, you have to learn when corrected and keep moving towards your dreams. 

4. Failure Molds Your Character
There are two types of people in life; those who take failure as a temporary setback, and those who take failure personally and give up. Everyone feels emotionally down after failing. Nevertheless, our reaction to failure is what determines our path to success. For the new Miss Universe, failure was simply a stepping stone to success. 

Wrapping it up

As the saying goes, "If you have never failed, you have never lived." Failure is definitely one of the aspects of life feared by many people. Nonetheless, everyone has failed and will fail again. All successful people failed but did not give up. You might think that people who are successful just got fortunate; that success just dropped into their laps on a silver platter. Take a leaf from Iris Mittenaere's achievement and embrace failure as the quickest road to success. Failure is a part of success, learn from it!




Miss Universe 2016
France – Iris Mittenaere
1st Runner-up
Haiti – Raquel Pelissier
2nd Runner-up
Colombia – Andrea Tovar

Top 6
France - Iris Mittenaere
Kenya - Mary Esther Were
Colombia - Andrea Tovar
Philippines - Maxine Medina
Thailand - Chalita Suansane
Haiti - Raquel Pelissier

Top 9
USA - Deshauna Barber  
Thailand - Chalita Suansane  
France - Iris Mittenaere  
Mexico - Kristal Silva  
Kenya - Mary Were  
Colombia - Andrea Tovar  
Canada - Siera Bearchell  
Haiti - Raquel Pelissier 
Philippines - Maxine Medina 

The Top 13:
Kenya - Mary Were 
Indonesia - Kezia Warouw 
USA - Deshauna Barber 
Mexico - Kristal Silva 
Peru - Valeria Piazza 
Panama - Keity Drennan 
Colombia - Andrea Tovar 
Philippines - Maxine Medina 
Canada - Siera Bearchell 
Brazil - Raissa Santana 
France - Iris Mittenaere 
Haiti - Raquel Pelissier 
Thailand - Chalita Suansane

On Monday, January 30, 2017 (Philippine date, January 29 in the US), Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015, crowned her successor Miss France, Iris Mittenaere, as the new Miss Universe 2016 at the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Before the winner was pronounced, the top three candidates were each asked question that is the same for all. The question asked them to name something they failed at in their lives and the lessons learned from there.

Iris answered that she remembers in her first year in medical school where she studied dental surgery, she failed in her first test and at first she felt devastated. However, she decided to brace herself and bought another book of medicine instead of harping all day about that past failure. Although the examination results were later changed as there had been a mistake and found out she passed, she learned to stand up and to keep going after any failure. She added on to say that even if she would not take the position of being crowned Miss Universe 2016, she would still probably smile that she became one of the ladies who made to the final.

Well, when it comes to this kind of competition, beauty is paramount. By beauty, a number of aspects are to be considered. There is the outside beauty that pertains to elegance, body outlook, and the outfit chosen for the occasion as well as the uniqueness when it comes to conveying a message or self-expression. One's actions in terms of their achievements like, education and community service are put on a scale and when they prove worth enough, a candidate is kept for consideration. The chosen judges for this competition made their analyses.

In most cases, women empowerment is among one of the programs established by beauty pageants. This is probably the case as some people claim that beauty pageants objectify women and as such, the women empowerment program is born to give people the real truth about it and to reassure women that that is just critic's thoughts.

Confidence is among the virtues that beauty pageant instills among the ladies. A confident woman has the power to make real change, starting from her local community with the potential to reach a global audience.

The intelligence of a lady chosen as the Miss Universe is undoubtedly a very high criteria. Why so? This is because given the fact that after her crowning, she becomes very influential, so there is a need to choose a lady with a sound mind and perspective in life. Her words are meant to convince and motivate others for a better life in this world.

A crowned Miss Universe must by all odds be braced and committed to offer services to her community and the society at large.




Life presents challenges all the time. Its crossroads and many stumbling blocks may make you wonder if God listens to your needs. Rest assured that He does. If you pay attention to the little things around you, you will understand that forever God is faithful.

1. God gives you abundant blessings

Whether you realize it or not, God provides you with blessings of faithfulness unendingly. 
For a start, He created you. The fact that you go on living each day is a testament to his constant love. He made the world around you, with its little joys. They are evident, though you may not notice them. The pet dog which comforts you when you feel out of sorts or the neighbor who keeps an eye on your house as you spend long hours at the office are examples of His faith that you may take for granted.

2. God Forgives

Life is a journey, but not a walk in the park. There are constant trials that appear along the way. 

Forgiving others and often, God, for these tribulations takes immense strength. God's capacity for forgiveness, however, is infinite. 

You may never understand the presence of obstacles, but He gives you the strength to forgive others for creating them when you ask.

He also gives others the grace to welcome you back into their arms when you display the faux pas and misdemeanors that all humans are wont to do. That ability to "let it go" is one of the best examples of His loving faithfulness.

God is faithful

3. God shows His Goodness 

The natural disasters and other unfortunate events that flood the media may leave you wondering if there is any kindness left in the world.  

There is plenty of it left, and there is always more of it to come. God always has it ready. He shows it when you see someone giving up his seat for an older adult on the bus. He proves it when someone rescues an abused pet from an animal shelter. 

His grace shows itself in the green grass around you, and the food that your mother cooks every day, though you may throw it away without her looking.

4. God shows His Love

The fact that you have relationships, no matter how fragile they may be, is how God makes evident that he is forever faithful. 

There are, of course, love relationships. They may sour once in a while, but the disagreements are proof that two people are trying to enjoy each other. And it is evidence that God is trying to love you. 

And then, there are family connections. However weak the links may be, a family somehow finds a way to stay together. That is God holding everything together for you.

5. God saves

God will always find ways to manifest his salvation. You may worry about the increasing crime rate in your neighborhood or the colleague who spreads idle gossip. God finds a way to turn the negatives into positives. Though you may not be privy to it, He will turn them around. 

Remember that they suffer trials like you do; though their pride may prevent them from letting others realize this. The lessons they learn along Life's journey is God's way of strengthening, and ultimately, saving them.

6. God Loves

Most of all, God loves you. That love shows in the beauty that you see around you. He would not have made enthralling waterfalls or eye-catching flowers if he did not have a place in His heart for this world. 

That place knows no bounds. There is always room in it for you. The people who care for you in little ways are small, but impressive displays of His love.

Hurdles may fill Life's roads, but God has means to show that he is forever faithful to you.




You have heard this word said by many people in many occasions many times. Yes, the word is “action speaks louder than words”. For example, you may have a spouse who swears her undying love for you, saying that, as she promised at the altar, nobody is going to pull you asunder. However, when poverty suddenly strikes and your finances plummet, she takes advice from her friends and relatives and run away from the marriage without a twinkle of an eye. Both of you may have been professing Christians. But now that someone else is involved in separating what God joined together, it proves how hard it is always hard to keep to a vow. However, as Christians pray to keep to the mantra – “Well done is better than well said.”

Faith is What’s Seen and Not What’s Heard
Throughout his ministry, Jesus used action to promote his mission. The blind saw in broad daylight, the sick were cured, and the lame walked. He was a Man of action. When you say you are going to do something, go ahead and do it. When you commit to a deed, fulfill it. People are going to see that literally you’re a person of your words. This world is full of lies and deception, and it’s not easy for people to accept everything which comes out of your mouth. When you act upon what you say, you end up creating a world of trust where everyone will know that you always do what you say.

Reliance on Capability
The best thing about when you keep your word is that people are going to see that you’re able to keep your promise, and at the same time see you’re quite capable. Therefore, you unveil your potential, and your work shines through, assuring everyone you know what you’re doing. In terms of your commitments and working relationships, perhaps this is the most crucial aspect why it’s normally better done than said.

Building Trust via Delivery
God created this world so that we may trust each other. A world without this virtue is incomplete. We trust God to deliver us out of our problems and He normally does. You should know that trust doesn’t come within a week, or even a day. It is developed through constant effort, time, and persistent results. But this will only be possible when you make sure you deliver whatever it is you promised.

Reputation Development
You’re known by the work you do. Your reputation, whether at your workplace or among your friends, solely depends on what you do. This is the reason why you should always strive, at all times, to say things that you have intentions of doing, since your reputation is going to be marked by your actions, and not just by mere words and promises.

As Christians, we should always walk along the path of truth. Our Lord never at any time lie to us. When He promised to die so that we may receive eternal life, He kept to His promise. He never ran away when faced with suffering and death on our behalf. What we can honor Him with is to always do what we promise to do. For indeed, well done is better than well said.


5 Detrimental Habits You Should Stop This Year


As the New Year begins, there is a need to drop a few things that could be very detrimental to your happiness and even personal development. Even though dropping what you are used to doing can be quite hard, it becomes easy with time if you are dedicated to avoiding them at all costs. Here are 5 things you should try to drop at all costs.

There is nothing more derailing than trying to please everyone. It is a fact that regardless of how good you are, there will always be a bunch of people who will hate you. If you have been doing this, you would probably realize that in most cases, you went too far, overstretched yourself and used a lot of resources but in the long run, not everyone acknowledged and appreciated your efforts. Just be yourself, do what you think is right and not what others think is right.

Embracing change is very important as it is the first step in effecting resolutions. However, most people are very attached to their habits, relationships, careers and so on such that they fear change. This fear causes stagnation and hinders self-development very much. This year, be open to change, don't fear changing friends, behavior and any other thing that might stop you from moving on to the next level. 

Most people stagnates in life because of holding on to the past. In as much as the past tells us who we are, it doesn't dictate our future. The past, especially if it brings regret is very unhealthy for anyone as it often leaves you sad and remorseful and can make you lose focus. The fact is you can't change the past so no matter how long you cry over your past failures, there's little you can do about it. If you want to move forward, leave your past behind you and happiness will follow you!

Self-belief is very important in life because if you don't believe in yourself, no one will. Most people often put themselves down and feel inferior to others. This leads to low self-esteem, a very negative attitude that often leads to self-destruction. Most of the people we admire are not that good in what they do but it is their boldness that makes them shine. If you want to succeed, it is paramount that you believe in yourself and others will definitely believe in you.

Overthinking and worrying much about your problems is a leading cause of stress and even burnouts. Instead of worrying and thinking about your problems, think about how you are going to act on them. Worrying about them only leaves you frustrated and drains away all the energy that you would have otherwise pumped into finding solutions. So, the next time you find yourself thinking about how big your problems are; quickly turn the focus on how you will act on them.

Even though quitting these habits may be quite hard, dedication is all you need. A positive attitude will also keep you going even when you are at your lowest point. Remember, change starts from deep within, you can decide to drop these habits and trust me, your life will change for the better!