Life presents challenges all the time. Its crossroads and many stumbling blocks may make you wonder if God listens to your needs. Rest assured that He does. If you pay attention to the little things around you, you will understand that forever God is faithful.

1. God gives you abundant blessings

Whether you realize it or not, God provides you with blessings of faithfulness unendingly. 
For a start, He created you. The fact that you go on living each day is a testament to his constant love. He made the world around you, with its little joys. They are evident, though you may not notice them. The pet dog which comforts you when you feel out of sorts or the neighbor who keeps an eye on your house as you spend long hours at the office are examples of His faith that you may take for granted.

2. God Forgives

Life is a journey, but not a walk in the park. There are constant trials that appear along the way. 

Forgiving others and often, God, for these tribulations takes immense strength. God's capacity for forgiveness, however, is infinite. 

You may never understand the presence of obstacles, but He gives you the strength to forgive others for creating them when you ask.

He also gives others the grace to welcome you back into their arms when you display the faux pas and misdemeanors that all humans are wont to do. That ability to "let it go" is one of the best examples of His loving faithfulness.

God is faithful

3. God shows His Goodness 

The natural disasters and other unfortunate events that flood the media may leave you wondering if there is any kindness left in the world.  

There is plenty of it left, and there is always more of it to come. God always has it ready. He shows it when you see someone giving up his seat for an older adult on the bus. He proves it when someone rescues an abused pet from an animal shelter. 

His grace shows itself in the green grass around you, and the food that your mother cooks every day, though you may throw it away without her looking.

4. God shows His Love

The fact that you have relationships, no matter how fragile they may be, is how God makes evident that he is forever faithful. 

There are, of course, love relationships. They may sour once in a while, but the disagreements are proof that two people are trying to enjoy each other. And it is evidence that God is trying to love you. 

And then, there are family connections. However weak the links may be, a family somehow finds a way to stay together. That is God holding everything together for you.

5. God saves

God will always find ways to manifest his salvation. You may worry about the increasing crime rate in your neighborhood or the colleague who spreads idle gossip. God finds a way to turn the negatives into positives. Though you may not be privy to it, He will turn them around. 

Remember that they suffer trials like you do; though their pride may prevent them from letting others realize this. The lessons they learn along Life's journey is God's way of strengthening, and ultimately, saving them.

6. God Loves

Most of all, God loves you. That love shows in the beauty that you see around you. He would not have made enthralling waterfalls or eye-catching flowers if he did not have a place in His heart for this world. 

That place knows no bounds. There is always room in it for you. The people who care for you in little ways are small, but impressive displays of His love.

Hurdles may fill Life's roads, but God has means to show that he is forever faithful to you.