You have heard this word said by many people in many occasions many times. Yes, the word is “action speaks louder than words”. For example, you may have a spouse who swears her undying love for you, saying that, as she promised at the altar, nobody is going to pull you asunder. However, when poverty suddenly strikes and your finances plummet, she takes advice from her friends and relatives and run away from the marriage without a twinkle of an eye. Both of you may have been professing Christians. But now that someone else is involved in separating what God joined together, it proves how hard it is always hard to keep to a vow. However, as Christians pray to keep to the mantra – “Well done is better than well said.”

Faith is What’s Seen and Not What’s Heard
Throughout his ministry, Jesus used action to promote his mission. The blind saw in broad daylight, the sick were cured, and the lame walked. He was a Man of action. When you say you are going to do something, go ahead and do it. When you commit to a deed, fulfill it. People are going to see that literally you’re a person of your words. This world is full of lies and deception, and it’s not easy for people to accept everything which comes out of your mouth. When you act upon what you say, you end up creating a world of trust where everyone will know that you always do what you say.

Reliance on Capability
The best thing about when you keep your word is that people are going to see that you’re able to keep your promise, and at the same time see you’re quite capable. Therefore, you unveil your potential, and your work shines through, assuring everyone you know what you’re doing. In terms of your commitments and working relationships, perhaps this is the most crucial aspect why it’s normally better done than said.

Building Trust via Delivery
God created this world so that we may trust each other. A world without this virtue is incomplete. We trust God to deliver us out of our problems and He normally does. You should know that trust doesn’t come within a week, or even a day. It is developed through constant effort, time, and persistent results. But this will only be possible when you make sure you deliver whatever it is you promised.

Reputation Development
You’re known by the work you do. Your reputation, whether at your workplace or among your friends, solely depends on what you do. This is the reason why you should always strive, at all times, to say things that you have intentions of doing, since your reputation is going to be marked by your actions, and not just by mere words and promises.

As Christians, we should always walk along the path of truth. Our Lord never at any time lie to us. When He promised to die so that we may receive eternal life, He kept to His promise. He never ran away when faced with suffering and death on our behalf. What we can honor Him with is to always do what we promise to do. For indeed, well done is better than well said.