Do you sometimes feel like no one loves you? Well, I have some good news for you. God loves you every day! Knowing this gives one the energy to keep moving forward even when they feel like the world hates them. And yes, with God’s love being unconditional, you should never worry about those who hate you. Brethren, God’s love for you is unshaken.

God will never let you down. He won't leave you nor forsake you. Trust Him every moment of your life. Live for God's glory.

He loved you before you even knew Him

Whenever I take a minute to think about this, I get baffled. How would you react if your better-half told you that they already loved you even before you knew them? I believe that would be the best feeling ever, right? Well, it extremely baffling that God loved each and everyone one of us even before we knew Him. He loves us each and every day regardless of what we are going through. His is the greatest love of all times! Whether you are stable or are going through a hard time, He never stops loving you.

He loves you even when you sin

In this life, I decided to look for a friend who would love me as long as I did the right things. And yes, I got a dozen friends. I got tired and decided to look for a friend who would love me even when I was doing things the wrong way. And yes, I only found God! Brothers and sisters, it’s funny how hypocritical some friends can be. It is extremely ironical that we have so many friends when we are doing the right things and have very few of them whenever we go astray even once. Funny enough, God loves us even when we are sinners.

When you feel unloved, just call upon Him

Fellow Christians, instead of spending sleepless nights worrying about those who hate you, all you need to do is call upon Him and you will feel loved once more! Given the fact that God’s love never ceases, you do not have to keep stressing yourself about how many people you impress. In fact, God does not need you to impress Him. Whether you are sinful or righteous, rich or poor, educated or not, God loves you unconditionally. All you need to do is call upon Him and you will have love in abundance. In fact, God is love! This means that hatred is not a vocabulary that exists to Him. Brethren, do not feel unloved; God loves you more than you can ever imagine.

He will never let you down

Every day, I watch people crying and telling of how their soul mates let them down, how their friends betrayed them and how their families failed them. I can’t help but wonder how disappointing that feels. And yes, that is how hypocritical untrue love is. Good news is; God will never let you down, He will never betray you and He will never leave you when you need Him the most. Unlike human beings who betray you when you need them the most, God will always love you.

God’s love is immeasurable, inexhaustible, unconditional, patient and endless. If you are looking for true love, all you need to do is seek God and you will have love ion abundance. He loved you even when you never knew Him, guess how much He will love you when you know Him.




After God had created everything on earth, He created the first man, Adam. God saw it was not good to Adam to stay alone; He created for him a helper, Eve. A man who finds himself a wife gets God’s favor (Proverb 18:22). A woman is a gift and a blessing to a man in a number of ways.

She is a Man’s Helper

After creation, God gave the man the responsibility of taking care of His creation (Genesis 2:15). Adam named all the animals and plants in the Garden of Eden. God then created Eve to help Adam (Genesis 2:18). A family is headed by a man family, and a woman should be submissive to him (Colossians 3:18).

Adam could not get a helper from the animals or other God’s creation apart from a woman. Therefore, a man’s only helper is a woman. As a helper, a woman is a man’s deficiency solution. A woman is a blessing to a man as she is tasked with assisting the man to achieve his goals. 

She is a Man’s Companion

When Adam was living alone in the Garden of Eden, he suffered loneliness. This is because he did not experience a relationship with an equal being as other animals in the garden did. God created for him Eve as his companion.

Despite the many responsibilities a man may have, he needs someone to talk to and share his experience with. A single man will always feel incomplete until he finds himself a woman. A man cannot keep warm alone, but when they are two, they do (Ecclesiastes 4:11). It is meaningless and depressing for a man without companionship to work (Ecclesiastes 7:8). A woman gives a man’s life purpose and meaning.

A Man Experiences Love Through a Woman

God planned for the union between man and woman through love to bring continuity of the human race. A man should experience love from his wife (Proverbs 5:18-19). A man should also love his wife and not to be harsh to her (Colossians 3:19). He should bring happiness to his wife (Deuteronomy 24:5).

It is through true love that marriage is born. By loving your wife, you know God because He is love (John 4:8). Love brings happiness and connects temporal and eternal. The love between a man and a woman yields patience and kindness. It also brings hope and endurance (1Corinthians 13:4-8). Hence a woman brings blessings. 

Continuity of the Human Race 

God created man and woman and blessed them and told them to be fruitful and fill the earth (Genesis 1:28). According to the scripture, children are a gift of God; they are a present (Psalms 127:3). A man and woman should leave their people to become one flesh through marriage (Mathew 19:5). 

A woman should be submissive to her husband (Ephesians 5:22). By living according to God’s command, both the man and woman receive His blessings. Marriage is also encouraged to overcome the temptation of sexual immorality (1Corinthians 7:2). Therefore, a woman brings blessings to a man by being the mother of his children.

The above points show that a woman is a gift and a blessing to a man. However, not all women bring happiness and blessings to a man. To get the best out of a woman, a man is tasked with finding a woman who is a capable, intelligent, and virtuous (Proverbs 31:10). Seeking for a loving and God fearing woman is vital in bringing blessings to a man.




One of the most important questions that people ask themselves is whether Christianity is a religion or a relationship with God. There are several aspects that show that Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God. 

What is Religion?

Religion is the belief in and devotion to a superhuman controlling authority, mainly a personal God or gods. Christianity fits in that definition. However, Christianity is different from other belief-based religions, and the difference lies on the relationship. 

Religion is qualified by observing a given set of beliefs and practices. This means everyone is religious in one way or another. However, the bible defines undefiled religion as one that involves sharing with others and keeping ourselves unaltered by the world (James 1:27). 

The bible says religion is obedience to God’s words demonstrated through honesty to ourselves, generosity towards the less fortunate, and strong moral and spiritual stand against earthly desires. 

Christianity is Not Man-Centered

In other religions, the relationship between god and man depends on man’s work. These religions believe on the role of a man’s effort in reaching a higher state or power. Man is the aggressor, and his efforts, sacrifices, or good actions benefit god. Adherence to the teachings is honored with paradise, nirvana, or a higher state of being.

In Christianity, God is the aggressor, and we as Christians are the beneficiaries (Romans 3:3). Man is imperfect hence there is nothing he can do to get a higher state of being or be right with God (Romans 3:23). Sin separates man from God (Romans 6:23). A man should use his faith to accept God’s salvation (2Corinthians 5:21).

Our Relationship With Jesus Christ

Our relationship with Jesus is based on love. Paul says we must have love in whatever we do (1 Corinthians 13:2). Our knowledge of the purpose and will of God must be practiced. As Christians, the right believe should be combined with the right action.

We obey the will of God by having faith in Jesus. Christians are partners of Jesus (2 Corinthians 11:2). Jesus is our Lord and Master, and we are his servant. Jesus is a friend to every Christian. He showed us that God is our father and therefore He shows us love and companionship.

The Grace of God

In other religions, one must justify and sanctify himself to be rewarded by deities, by practicing and observing religious laws. During the Jesus’ times, God’s Law had been turned by the leaders of the Jewish religion into a works-based religion that kept them away from God (Luke 11:42). As a result, the Pharisees could not recognize God in their presence (John 8:19).

Christianity is founded on the grace-based relationship between human beings and God. Jesus said the greatest commandment is love (Mathew 22:37). The grace of God is what makes us His children. Love is about our relationship and is critical in obeying God’s teachings and commands.

Christianity is not about enrolling to religion; it is about getting into the family of God (John 3:3). Our efforts cannot guarantee us a place in the household of God. We are only supposed to develop a relationship with God by believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus to get a place in God’s family. Therefore, Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God.




Are you thirsty for success? Have your undying attempts to succeed in life proven futile? Perhaps all you need to do is rethink your strategies! It is possible that the methods you employ are insufficient. This begs the questions; is there a sure way to success? How did those successful men and women make it in life? I flexed muscles and gave this issue an eagle-eye view in an attempt to unravel the mystery! And yes, I was able to unearth not one or two but 11 ways to success! Let’s take a look at them.

1. Plan as others play

Ever heard of the phrase “the earliest bird catches the worm”? Well, this is basically all you need to do! Be a step ahead of the rest. Brethren, you need to always aim higher. As others play, you need to be planning. Honestly, this is a strategy that has seen me scale the heights as far as success in life is concerned. A plan is a recipe for making a success. If you fail to plan, you are definitely planning to fail. Brothers and sisters, if you want to be successful, better start planning right now!

2. Study as they sleep

You read it right! This takes me back to my schooling days. We were literally studying while others were fast asleep. This trick not only works to your advantage but also keeps you a step ahead of the rest. While others are asleep, they also expect you to be asleep. However, if you want success to follow you all the days of your life, you had better start studying while others are in bed. Let them only see you succeed but never see you working hard. This trick works wonders; trust me!

3. Decide as they delay

Inability to make timely decisions is the biggest hurdle to the success of any human being. My friends, we need to make a decision when they delay. Never let fear blindfold you to the extent that you are unable to make decisions on time. If you wait for the right time, you might have to wait for a lifetime. If you have that business idea, do not hesitate to implement it immediately. If you want to start that new project, do not think twice about it; just do it! As others delay and lazy around, all you need to do is simply set the pace.

4. Prepare as they daydream

The days we are living are very competitive. Everything we do in life is all about how good we can do it. For us to be successful, we need to prepare when are still daydreaming. As others fantasize and build castles in the air, we need to be laying foundations for our own empires. Instead of joining the rest in daydreaming about big projects, you need to start your own tangible small project and success will follow you. After all, it is only through that small project that God can make you successful. Don’t dream about it; just make that dream come true!

5. Begin as they procrastinate

While others ask why, how, where and when, all you need to do is to start working on your project. As the others procrastinate and keep talking about tomorrow, you need to make today your day! If you ever want to be successful in life, avoid procrastination. In fact, it is the biggest enemy to success. You should never rest on your laurels unless you have achieved everything you have ever wanted on earth! Do it today, you never know what the tomorrow holds!

6. Work when they are still wishing

I love this statement “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”. I don’t know about the next life, but I can categorically say that wishes will never yield any desirable outcomes in the life we are living in right now. Fellow Christians, while others waste their time wishing for the finer things in life, you need to be working towards getting those things they wish for. If you ever had a wish in life, don’t let it be “just a wish”; make it a reality. This is a trick that has worked wonders for more people than I can even count. Try it today!

7. Save as they waste

In this life, I have learned that saving is the secret to success. As others move about dishing cash and making unnecessary expenditures, you need to be smart! As you take care of your needs and desires today, you need to be aware of the fact that you will also have the same desires tomorrow. For that reason, as a Christian, you need to embrace the culture of saving for tomorrow. This way, you will definitely see success coming your way.

8. Listen while they talk

Listening is a rare yet valuable virtue that we need to possess. Instead of talking too much, you need to listen much and talk less. This way, you will be able to pick a few tips every time you hold a conversation with someone. In the long run, you will be having a perfect recipe for success. The trick is simple; talk less and act more!

9. Smile when they are frowning

A smile goes a long way in determining how successful you become. How is that possible? Well, smiling relieves stress and gives you a positive approach to life. With a positive energy, you will definitely work towards success. As others frown, you need to be smiling your way through life!

10. Commend as they criticize

Commending is yet another awesome way to move towards your success. Instead of criticizing everything, you need to be optimistic. See the good things and turn a blind eye to the negatives! This way, you will definitely be successful!

11 ways to success

11. Persist as they quit

I have this golden rule; never quit! While others get exhausted and quit, you need to keep pushing hard until you get to the finish line. Show me a quitter who has ever won, and I will show you a dozen of winners who never quitted!

Being successful does not have to be a daunting affair anymore! Armed with this information, all you need to do is put the right foot forward and start moving towards success.




Love your parents while they are still alive. After all, what will it benefit you if you love them when they are already dead? I find it disturbing when I see Christians abandoning their parents when they are still alive only to start weeping and regretting when they have passed on! This is the height of dishonesty that each and every Christian ought to avoid like a plague! Perhaps we need to flex muscles and delve deeper into this discussion.

Love your parents and you will be blessed

“Love and respect your parents if you want to be blessed in life”, I vividly recall my Sunday-school teacher saying these words to me when I was still a young lad! These are words which never left my mind. In fact, they have been part of me all through life to this point. And yes, I have lived to reap the full benefits of these words. Brethren, if you love and respect your parents while they are still alive, good things will keep trickling in your life from all directions. Although my motive for loving and respecting my parents was never to get blessed in return, I can categorically state that I was blessed in abundance as a result of doing it! Fellow Christians, you need to start doing it not today or tomorrow; but right now!

Support your parents

Which is the best way to show love to your parents? For me, I believe supporting them is the best way to show how much you love them. It is the simple things you do to support your parents that give them happiness. You do not have to buy then a chopper for them to appreciate. A simple gift or providing financial assistance when they need it can really impress them. After all, your parents only want you to show some concern! Obviously, we can never repay our parents for what they have done in our lives; all we can do is just appreciating them. And yes, in order to show appreciation, we need to support them.

Pray for them to live longer

If you love your parents, supporting them is not the only thing you can do. You can also pray for them to live longer so that they can see you succeed in life. Nothing gives your parents happiness in their lives than knowing that they gave birth to a successful and responsible person. In fact, even as they go to their graves when the time comes, they do it happy that their name will live on forever. The opposite is also true brethren; when you fail to love your parents, you not only make them unhappy while they are still alive but also send them to their graves full of bitterness! Fellow Christians, it’s time we loved and prayed for our parents!

Love them and your children will love you too

Sometimes, I find myself wondering how some people fail to love their parents yet they have kids. Come to think of it brothers and sisters; don’t you think that the way you treat your parents might also be the same way your children will treat you? Fellow Christians, if you want your children to love and respect you, you need to set the example for them to emulate. After all, God never sleeps and sees everything you do to your parents!

In a jiffy, if you love your parents while they are still alive, they will be able to speak blessings into your life. If you love them when they are dead, I doubt if they can speak while in their graves. Fellow Christians, it’s time you started loving your parents.




You are born a champion; you should not die a loser! It’s funny how most of us let tribulations plunge them to limbo. In life, you need to be the best version of you! In fact, you should never rest on your laurels till you have achieved all your goals in life. We have so much unused potential hidden beneath ourselves! And yes, it’s time we explored our full potential!

Only you can make that decision

Sometimes, I can’t help but get jealous of the grave! Graves have the best brains which were never utilized on earth. Why is it so? Most of us have so much potential yet only choose to utilize a very small percentage. Imagine how developed the world would be if the best doctors treated all patients, the best teachers taught everyone, the best preachers led everyone to Christ, the best leaders led their people in the right direction and you lived the best version of yourself! Brethren, only you can decide to be the best!

Seize those opportunities in life

The best way to exploit your full potential in life is by taking chances and seizing those opportunities that come your way. Let no fear deter you from exploiting your full potential and becoming the best version of yourself. If only you knew what you are capable of, you would never see yourself as a failure in life. After all, God created us so that we can fulfill our purpose on earth. Sometimes, I look at some Christians and wonder whether they really believe in the word of God. What would make a Christian lead a sub-standard lifestyle? My fellow Christians, we need to seize every opportunity in life and work towards making the world a better place for us and those around us.

Be positive

One thing I can squarely attribute to failure in life is negative thinking. Brothers and sisters, we need to start thinking and behaving positively. We need to start seeing life from a different angle. And yes, we need to let go of those negative ideas and thoughts. If you need to make it in life and be the best you could ever be, start approaching things in a positive way. If you ever find yourself thinking about all the negative things in life, you need to seek divine intervention! This is because thinking about negative things in life only works to your disadvantage. It fills you will negative energy and you end up being a loser in life. Fellow Christians, be positive and good things will follow you all the days of your life!

Let God direct you

One thing that makes most of us never realize our full potential is the failure to seek God’s intervention. If you want to have the best things in life, go in the right direction and live your best version, you need to let God take the wheel. That is the secret to success brethren! If you let God lead the way, you will exploit your potential to the fullest.

In a nutshell, living the best version of you is the best thing you can ever achieve in your entire life. Armed with this information, perhaps it’s time you started utilizing all the potential vested on you.




More often than not, we find ourselves focusing on what we failed to achieve while overlooking all the good things we have been able to achieve. Every single day, we find ourselves focusing on our failures instead of projecting our energy towards success. And yes, that marks the beginning of our continued failures in life. Brethren, you need to focus on your blessings, not your burden.

Every day is a blessing in itself
Instead of spending sleepless nights worrying about life, you need to understand that some people did not even have the chance to be alive. You do not need to look further in order to see your blessings; they are just at your doorstep. Life itself is a blessing! So many people wanted to see this day but were not able to. For that reason, once you wake up every morning, you need to count that as your first blessing. And yes, so many people wake up but never get to go back to their beds at night. For that reason, when you go back to your bed at night, you also need to thank God for it. Instead of worrying about that interview you failed, that job you lost or that friend who failed you; just thank God for the day.

You don’t have to win a lottery for it to be a blessing; count even the smallest ones
It is funny how we never notice some small things in our lives which are big blessings. We forget that blessings come in all sizes. And yes, the size does not make a blessing lesser. Instead of worrying about how to buy that big mansion or that luxury car, count it as a blessing that your kids are faring well in school. So many people have all the money but lack peace of mind. Instead of complaining about how hard your life has become, you should be thanking God that you have your health. In a nutshell, we as Christians need to count our blessings no matter how small they seem to be.

Thank God for that simple blessing and He will bring more
It is funny how some of us promise to thank God if he blesses us with what we have been praying for yet we never thank Him for what He has given to us so far. We need to be sincere on this fellow Christians! Come to think of it; if you don’t thank God for the gift of life, what makes you think that you will thank Him when He gives you a house? Brothers and sisters in Christ; Let us thank God for what He has blessed us with and, surely, more blessings will come our way!

By counting your blessings, you invite more

Did you know that positive energy attracts positive things in life? Brethren, when you think of all the good things in life, good things will keep trickling in. When you focus on the burden, you will definitely get engulfed in more burdens. For that reason, think of all the blessing in your life and God will keep more coming your way. After all, if you cannot acknowledge the blessings in your life right now, you might never acknowledge them even when you have what you always prayed for. Just look around, you are blessed.




Do you sometimes feel like the doors to your success are locked? Perhaps all you need to do is stop worrying and find the keys. Sometimes, finding the right keys is always a daunting affair to us as Christians. It is for this reason that I have dug deeper to unravel some basic keys to Christian success.

1. Pray positive prayers

This is the number one key to success. Brethren, it is only through prayers that we can achieve any desirable thing in our lives. And yes, it is not just prayers; but positive prayers. Personally, prayers have worked wonders for me and my family. I find it disturbing whenever I hear fellow Christians claiming that their prayers never yield any fruits only to realize that they don’t make positive prayers. If you need success in abundance, you need to pray positively!

2. Read the Bible

Let the Bible be your guide if you want to have the finer things in life. Let it be your map whenever you are looking for that hidden treasure in your life. And yes, let the Bible unlock all those locked doors to success. Without knowledge in the word of God, it is almost impossible for us as Christians to open the doors to success. For that reason, we all need to read the Bible consistently and adhere to every word on it to the letter. Brother, the word of God is an important key to success that should never be lost or misplaced!

3. Attend Church

Little known to many, attending church is an important ingredient to spice up your journey to success. Attending church offers you an opportunity to have a closer connection to God and your fellow Christians. In your walk to success, you will need God and friends to encourage you to keep working hard. For that reason, attending church is an important key to success. There is a very thin line between attending church and being a valuable church member. For that reason, let us not just attend church for the sake of attending; let us attend church and make an impact. As Christians, attending church and making a positive impact will open our doors to success!

4. Yield your will to God’s will

We also need to ensure that we yield our will to God’s will. Whatever plans we have in life, God has His own plans as well. We need to ensure that we let God take control of our lives. If you want to have everything you have ever dreamt of in life, you need to ensure that your plans are in accordance with God’s teachings. To scale the heights of success in life, we all need to let God take the wheel and steer us to wherever He has planned! In so doing, we will succeed beyond limits!

5. Expect blessings

More often than not, we find ourselves having doubts as to whether we will be blessed or not! I will put it this way; doubts are the biggest hurdle to our success! Brethren, let us expect blessings in everything we do. This is a key to success and has worked miracles for countless people. Expecting blessings in our lives will attract success in our lives. In fact, if you expect blessings in everything you do, you get motivated to do more. Expect blessings and you will have blessings coming your way from all angles!

6. Receive your blessings

Did you know that some people have blessings hanging around them but they never receive them? Sounds strange, right? Well, that happens in so many cases! The reason behind this is the fact that most of us never receive our blessings. Maybe I should put it this way; most of us never claim our blessings! Let’s take this analogy for example: Assume that your father had several sons and after passing on, he left each one of you something to inherit. Unfortunately, you never put an effort to claim your own share of the inheritance. Would the share ever come to force itself on you? I doubt if it would. Brethren, we need to receive our blessings!

7. Speak victory

There is an enormous power vested on our tongue! We have the power to speak evil and righteousness. We have the power to speak victory as well as failure. For that reason, if you need success to follow you all the days of your life, you need to speak victory and speak against failure. This way, you will be able to open all the doors to success in your life!



Treasure your friends

1 LOYAL FRIEND IS WORTH A THOUSAND RELATIVES! This is something I have learned in the school of life. No matter what angle we approach this issue from; this is a statement that holds waters in most cases. If you have a loyal and truthful friend, make an attempt of keeping them closer to you. Finding true friends is quite a task nowadays. For this reason, when you get friends who have good intentions for you, never let them down. Brethren, Let me give you my two cents on this issue; loyal friends will be with you even when your friends and family let you down. Take this to the bank fellow Christians; always treasure loyal friends and you will live happily!

Loyal friends share both good and bad times with you

While your relatives might organize a family get-together to celebrate your victory, I doubt if they would organize a meeting to come over and be with you when you have done something wrong. When you graduate, when you get a scholarship or when you get a good job, all your relatives will be at your home to congratulate you. However, I doubt if they will do the same if you turn out to be a failure in life or when things are hard for you. On the other hand, you will always have your loyal friend around you when things are good and when they get bad. If a friend ever left you simply because things weren’t good, then that was never a true friend. True friends will love and treasure you all the time. They will stand by your side through any storm and in the happy times.

Pray for that 1 friend

You probably have thousands of friends on facebook, right? How many of them come to your rescue when you are in trouble? You also have numerous friends in the office, at home and maybe in school. You need to ask yourself whether these friends would stand by you in that hour of need or not. It’s funny how we have so many friends but only a few stand with us when we are in need. This tells us one thing fellow Christians; all those who smile at you are not necessarily your friend! You need to keenly identify that one particular friend who has always been there for you. And yes, you need to pray for that particular friend.

You need to repay that 1 loyal friend with good deeds

The best thing you can do to that one person who has been with you all through is do the right things to them as well. It would be the height of betrayal for you to turn around and hurt those who have stood with you all through. That is like biting the hand that has always fed you unaware of the fact that you will probably need it to feed you in the next few hours. Brethren, ensure that you do the right things to those who have been with you whenever you were in trouble. And yes, never forget about that one true friend!




Think before you speak! This is a statement that we have grown up hearing from people around us. I think it has gotten to a point that most of us take it lightly. This begs the questions; is this statement true? Is it helpful? Is it inspiring? Is it necessary and above all, is it kind? Let’s attempt to answer these questions.

1. Is it true?

Think before you speak is a true statement that tells anyone to use their brain more than they use their tongue. The tongue is a very dangerous organ in our body which needs to be tamed. The tongue can create peace while at the same time it can cause chaos. Thinking before we speak is a very important way of handling issues in life. Brethren, we need to think about everything before we say it. We need to be able to analyze the implications of what we are about to say before saying. After all, once we say a word we can never take it back.

2. Is it helpful?

One thing we need to understand is the fact that thinking before speaking can really help. In most cases, those who speak randomly without thinking end up being in trouble. Look at people around you and you will resonate with me on that. Those who have a tendency of speaking aimlessly end up being in trouble with authorities as well as those around them. And yes, in most cases, those who speak without thinking have poor relationships with their neighbors and those around them. For all these reasons, I think we need to really think hard before uttering a single word!

3. Is it inspiring?

Thinking before speaking is an inspiring technique which really helps those who adhere to it to the letter. It is inspiring when you see people who are slow to utter and quick to think. This is because people of such caliber hardly ever get into trouble. And yes, it is also inspiring for one to be able to make wise decisions before they utter a single word. This is because chances of their words hurting those around them are very narrow. Those who employ this technique always establish a good relationship with their friends and neighbors which is an inspiring thing.

4. Is it necessary?

Thinking before speaking is necessary; there is no doubt about that. Failure to think before opening your mouth to utter a word is risky. It could land you into a plethora of problems. Sometimes, it’s better to stay silent than utter a word that would put you into trouble. It is a trick that I have personally employed to avoid getting into trouble with most people. Although some people might think of it as a weakness, staying silent is, in fact, a strength!

5. Is it kind?

Thinking before you talk is the best way to show how kind you can get. Instead of uttering words which break your friend or neighbor down, it is better for you to think about the repercussions before talking. It is a kind way to avoid hurting those around you. We need to think before speaking!



LOVE IN ACTION: 10 Ways to Love

I have witnessed several love stories turn sour in the recent past. All through, these questions kept lingering in my mind; what went wrong? Is there something that could have been done to avert the situation? As a result, I dusted off all my shelves in search of some amazing solutions. And yes, I came up with not one or two but 10 ways to love.

1. Listen without interrupting

This is the number one way to love which has proven quite helpful to me as a person. Failure to listen is suicidal to any relationship. I have seen many love stories ending tragically simply because those involved failed to give each other a listening ear. Brethren, if you want to have a successful relationship founded on love, learn to listen to each other without interrupting. In most cases, when you interrupt the other person as they talk, you are most likely going to stir up an argument. For that reason, you need to just listen first!

2. Speak without accusing

Leveling accusations against your better half is yet another dangerous path that each and every person who is in love should avoid like a plague. If you ever find yourself unable to hold a healthy conversation with your better half without hurling accusations at each other, I would suggest that you don’t even talk at all until things cool down. This is because accusations can really hurt your relationship in negative ways.

3. Give without sparing

Giving without sparing is yet another great way to show love to each other. You need to view those you love as part of you. In so doing, whatever you give or do to them will always feel like you have done it to yourself. Giving without sparing is an awesome way to show how much you love someone.

4. Pray without ceasing

If you love someone, constantly praying for them and your relationship is an awesome way to show how much you love them. For that reason, as Christians, we need to pray for those we love as a way of showing our love to them!

5. Answer without arguing

Did you know that answering without arguing can stop many fights between two love birds? Well, constantly stirring up unnecessary arguments with the person you love is destructive. If you love someone, just answer back without arguing!

6. Share without pretending

Pretending is a dangerous path for people who claim to be in love. To show how much you love someone, you need to share everything with them without pretense. If you ever find yourself unable to share with those you claim to love, then be sure that what you feel for them is not love. As Christians, sharing without pretense can strengthen our love.

7. Enjoy without complaining

One thing I have always failed to understand is why some people claim to be in love while they never enjoy anything together without complaining. Whenever one of you decides to offer something or take you somewhere, it is only prudent that you enjoy without complaining. In life, those who love you might not always give what you would have wished to have. That does not mean that they love you less. The best thing you can do is enjoy whatever they can offer without complaining. After all, we can never be equal in life! As Christians, we need to give those we love a chance to do what they can afford without criticizing or complaining.

8. Trust without wavering

Trust is the glue that will stitch your love together for a long time. If you love your partner, you need to trust them without ever wavering. This is the ultimate show of how much love you have for each other. Failure to trust those you love will always yield unpleasant results.

9. Forgive without punishing

What do you do when those you are in love with do something wrong? Do you forgive and forget? Well, to show love, you need to not just forgive but forgive and forget without punishing. That way, you will prove that your love is true and sincere. After all, if we were to be punished for every wrong we do, we would never know God!

10. Promise without forgetting

Do you keep your promises? Keeping your promises is a sure way to show you. I find it disturbing whenever I come across people who go around making promises which they never keep! If you love someone, you have to make real promises and keep them to the letter without forgetting.



With God as my provider; I will never lack anything

God is my provider; there is no doubt about that. He has been the source of everything I own from day one. Whenever things get out of hand, all I do is call upon Him. And yes, He has never failed to make a way in every struggle that comes my way. It is for this reason that I have Him and Him alone as my sole provider. 

Whenever I call upon God, things always seem to fall in place. Instead of drowning in an ocean of troubles and being engulfed in a web of stress and confusion, all I do is let Him take control. And yes, in so doing, I have had everything in abundance!

Make Him your provider too

Are you going through some hard times? Whether it’s your marriage, finances or social life, all you need to do is let God be your provider. He will restore your gradually disintegrating marriage, He will revive your rapidly deteriorating financial situation and above all, He will bring the right people into your life. It is time you let go of your worries brethren! Let God take care of all your wants, let Him provide for you and He will surely provide in abundance. If you are having any shortages, He will multiply whatever you have a thousand times! But all He asks of you is your consent and an invitation for Him to take the wheel and steer your life in the right direction. Give Him the go-ahead and you will love the results!

Share what God provides with others

There is glory in sharing what God provides to you with other people. When you use what God has freely given to you to make life easy for other people, He will keep providing in large quantities. In fact, giving to others is the ultimate secret to getting more and more blessings from God. What we need to understand is the fact that once God provides, He really looks at how we use whatever He has provided. When we use it to make life better for those who are in need, God is pleased. Come to think of it; would God fail to provide for you if He knew that you will use what He provides on others? I bet not! For that reason, try using what is provided to you to make life easy for those around you and more will keep trickling in!

God provides freely when time is right

You might have called upon Him for a very long time and you are almost giving up. However, what you need to understand is the fact that God provides when the time is right. Unlike the devil who offers short-cuts through your tribulations only for you to end up in much worse situations than you were before, God takes His time and only provides when He thinks that you are ready to receive whatever you had asked for. And yes, when He provides, He does so without requiring anything in return. For that reason, you need to let Him provide at His own convenient time.




What do you look for in a friend? Is it the colors or the character? The most important thing you need to look out for a friend is their character. 

In your lifetime, you will meet so many types of friends. But did you know that these friends can be categorized? There are three types of friends in life. There are those that are there for a reason. The other category is those that are there for a given season. There is also another category that you will have and that is friends who will be there for you in your entire lifetime.

The following is a deep look at the three categories of friends based on their character and deeds.

Who are the friends for a reason?

These kinds of friends are not for you nor are they for what you are for it is just that they are against what you are against at. You might be thinking that they are your real friends but they come into your life to fulfill a purpose and when the purpose is complete is when you realize that they are not there anymore. These kinds of friends will leave you and desert you after their mission is accomplished.

Who are the friends for a season? 

These type of friend will walk with you, work with you and labor with you. But, they are not into you. They are into what you are for. This kind of friend is your constituent. Don’t think that they are for you when they are really not for you, they are just for what you are for and by the time you get to fall in love with them they will break your heart as they hook up with somebody else who is for what you are for because it was never about you anyway. It was about the causes that you represent. They are for what you are for but they are not for you. They are not real friends.

Who are the friends for a lifetime? 

These are the confidants. These are the people in your life who love you unconditionally. They are into you whether you are up or down. They are there in your life for the longest period of time. If you get in trouble they get in trouble with you. These are the types of friends that will come to see you in the jailhouse. You can open up and share anything with them. They are intimately intertwined in your life and they are there to make sure that you reach your destiny. They will comfort you, they will get in your business they will tell you when you are wrong. This is a true friend; a real friend that you need in your life. 

In a nutshell, it is wise enough if you know the kind of friends that you have. Be careful who you tell your dream because you might not achieve it if you have the wrong types of friends. Identify people who are really for you. If they are really for you, they will we win you with you, when you weep, they will weep with you and they will rejoice when you rejoice.



Don’t stitch your broken heart; let God heal it!

God heals the broken-hearted. Whenever your heart is broken, you should not stress yourself trying to stitch it. All you need to do is let God do the healing. It’s funny how some people attempt to do it on their own only to end up more heartbroken than they previously were. How does one attempt to stitch their heart? Well, resulting in the use of drugs simply because you are heartbroken, worrying yourself after being heartbroken and deciding to revenge after being heartbroken are all stitching! All these will only result in a worse heartbreak than the one you are going through. Instead of plotting evil deeds against anyone who break your heart, as a Christian, you only need to call upon the lord and He will heal your heart. And yes, healing your broken heart is not the only thing he will do; he will give you better options and open new ways for you!

Don’t let heartbreaks bring you down

It’s funny how some people easily give up in life after going through heartbreaks. Perhaps the reason they never learn to face these hard times is because they never invite God to take control. Brethren, let not such situations bring you down! All you need to do is call upon the lord and He will see you through. In fact, giving up should never be a vocabulary in your dictionary. After all, God has given us the power to proclaim how we want our lives to be. He has given us tremendous powers to steer our lives in the right direction through prayers and faith. Giving up is an utter manifestation of lack of faith in God. Do not let heartbreaks bring you down!

Learn to move on

After heartbreaks, even before God intervenes, you need to learn to let go of the past and move on with life. As a Christian, you need to call upon the lord to give you the power to move on. It is suicidal for you to keep focusing on the heartbreak instead of exploring new and better avenues which would bring happiness into your life. As much as God heals your broken heart, you have the power to determine whether you will accept the healing or not. If you keep focusing on the closed door, you might never see the doors that God has opened for you. My fellow Christians, let’s learn to move on after heartbreaks and God will help us heal!

Give God time to heal your broken heart!

Patience is one virtue that you need to exhibit when you want God to heal your broken heart. This is not something that can happen overnight. For that reason, just pray and let God do the rest. You should never lose hope or think that God has forgotten what you are going through. He sees everything and understands the situation. For that reason, be patient and you will get impressive results. He has power and can change the situation only when you let Him do it at his own pace.



Let us rejoice in love

Brethren, it’s time to celebrate the joy of love. Let love fill your heart, soul, and mind. And yes, let every action you do portray how loving you are. God has shown us how much He loved us and the best thing we can do is rejoice in this very love. With love, we are able to ignite what we fill for each other. Let that spark of love in your heart turn into a flame of passion. Whether it’s towards your neighbor, your brothers, your sisters, your parents, your better half or GOD; let love blossom and spread its wings all over the world. One thing we need to understand as Christians; love conquers all and is not choosy. Love is the greatest gift we have!

Show your love in action

There is no better way to show love than in action. Give to those who are in need, visit the sick and those in jail, donate to the orphans, give to the servants of the lord and also help your neighbors. When you celebrate love alone, you only make yourself happy. When you celebrate it with other people, the entire community is Happy. Whatever God has blessed us with; let’s use it to spread love across the world. We need to show concern for the homeless, those who have fled their countries due to civil warfare and those who are stranded and have nowhere else to go. It is only through love that we will be able to turn the world into a better place for everyone.

Love unconditionally

You might not necessarily have people loving you in return. Do not give up! Love those who do not love you in return. After all, God has always loved us even when we never knew him. When you love expecting to be loved back, you will end up being disappointed. After all, when you love others, you have played your part. The question as to whether they love you back is not upon you to decide. And yes, loving you back works to their advantage and failure to love you back works to their disadvantage. For that reason, instead of worrying about those who don’t love you back, you need to just love them even more!

Love yourself, God and others

Love yourself, others and God without being picky on who to love and who not to love. If God was to be choosy, most of us would never know love. We all have our own shortcomings. And yes, we all have our own differences. Fellow Christians, let’s not allow our differences to dictate who we love and who we don’t. Race, religion and political affiliation are all worldly dictated aspects which need not affect our love for each other. After all, no one chose to belong to any given race or country. You by default found yourself being part of a given race. For that reason, let’s not choose who to love and who not to love, Let's love each other without holding anything against anyone. Love yourself and above all, love God!



Awaken your hope with love

Love renews hope and spreads joy; that is a simple fact! It is time you awakened your hope in life with love. Ignite that gradually disintegrating spark in your heart and you will live happily. When things get out of hand; only love can make you feel at peace. When you are slowly losing hope, let love brighten your heart and bring hope back. In love, we all have a chance to feel like champions even when we are going through hard times. Love awakens that lost hope and restores your enthusiasm to keep pushing even harder. Brethren, it’s time we allowed love to grow in our hearts. It is only through love that we can be able to live happily and peacefully. And, of course, with our hopes awakened, we will be able to make scale the heights of success in life.

Let love bring you joy

Love is meant to bring joy into your life. If love doesn’t bring joy and happiness into your life, I have all the reasons to believe that what you are feeling is not love. And yes, if love brings you pain, you need to avoid it like plague. Love is a beautiful thing which should always be viewed as such. Whenever you feel low and your desire to keep on living is slowly diminishing, always remember that love can help you overcome every situation. Let love fill your heart and you will be able to lead a happy and contented life.

Show love to others

The best way to let love grow in your heart is by sharing it with others. There is no better way to prove your love than sharing it with those around you. In so doing, you will feel contented and pleased with your life. Helping those around you, loving those who hate you, praying for your enemies and helping the poor in the society are some great ways to show love. Love is not selfish, love is patient and above all, love is unconditional. Love your fellow human being regardless of their political affiliation, social status and religious beliefs. After all, we are all human beings and God loves us all equally regardless of our race or religious beliefs.

Love yourself and God

It’s funny how we claim to love other people yet we do not even love ourselves. Even before you claim to love God, you need to begin by loving yourself. It is impossible for you to give to others that which you can’t even give to yourself. God would also be disappointed if you loved Him and didn’t even love yourself. It all begins with loving yourself. After all, how would you claim to be in a position to give something to someone else while you don’t have it yourself? Let’s take this scenario for example; would you give money to someone in need while you have no coin? That is impossible. For that reason, when you love yourself, you will be able to spread it to those around you. And above all, you will be able to love God!



When you are in a relationship with God; He will never fail you

Relationship with God is the best relationship you can have; no doubt about that! Your friends, family, and partner can fail you but God will never fail you. He will never betray you! And above all, He will never leave your side. Love is the cornerstone of any relationships and God Himself is love. That means that He is the cornerstone of your relationship. Regardless of your situation, He will always be with you once you are in a relationship with Him. While other friends stick around when things are good then run away when things get ugly, God will be with you in your best times and in your darkest hour! That is how truthful and real God is when you are in a relationship with Him.

Do not “cheat” on Him!

It’s funny how most of us “cheat” on God. I have used quotation marks because I am not referring to the worldly meaning of the word cheating. How can one cheat on God? Come to think of it; how would you feel if your partner or best friend went to be with other people and only came back to you when things didn’t work out for them? And yes, as if that wasn’t enough, they leave and then later come back to you when they are frustrated once more! That would be the height of disloyalty and dishonesty, right? That would mean that they don’t respect your relationship at all! Funny enough, that is the kind of relationship most of us build with God. Going astray and then coming back when things are bad! That is ok since God is merciful and forgives us once we confess. However, the problem is, we keep doing it over and over again. Brethren, let’s not sabotage our relationship with God. Instead, we should nurture it as if He was our best friend, our loyal partner, and our closest family!

Help others build a relationship with God

You need to help others to build a relationship with God as well. To achieve this, you first need to be an example to them. They need to see you being in a relationship with God. You need to lead by example then others will follow. It’s never an easy task for anyone to convince others to build a close relationship with God when their own life shows no sign of any Godly deed. For that reason, as we strive to bring others closer to Him. We need to ensure that our lives are an example!

Never give up on Him because He will never give up on you

God will never leave your side! No matter what happens, He will always be with you. For that reason, you should never think of giving up on Him as well. Loyalty holds any relationship together at all times. And yes, God wants you to be loyal to Him under all situations. In so doing, He will always be by your side. And yes, when you stand by Him even when things get out of hand, He will see you through any storm that comes your way!