Treasure your friends

1 LOYAL FRIEND IS WORTH A THOUSAND RELATIVES! This is something I have learned in the school of life. No matter what angle we approach this issue from; this is a statement that holds waters in most cases. If you have a loyal and truthful friend, make an attempt of keeping them closer to you. Finding true friends is quite a task nowadays. For this reason, when you get friends who have good intentions for you, never let them down. Brethren, Let me give you my two cents on this issue; loyal friends will be with you even when your friends and family let you down. Take this to the bank fellow Christians; always treasure loyal friends and you will live happily!

Loyal friends share both good and bad times with you

While your relatives might organize a family get-together to celebrate your victory, I doubt if they would organize a meeting to come over and be with you when you have done something wrong. When you graduate, when you get a scholarship or when you get a good job, all your relatives will be at your home to congratulate you. However, I doubt if they will do the same if you turn out to be a failure in life or when things are hard for you. On the other hand, you will always have your loyal friend around you when things are good and when they get bad. If a friend ever left you simply because things weren’t good, then that was never a true friend. True friends will love and treasure you all the time. They will stand by your side through any storm and in the happy times.

Pray for that 1 friend

You probably have thousands of friends on facebook, right? How many of them come to your rescue when you are in trouble? You also have numerous friends in the office, at home and maybe in school. You need to ask yourself whether these friends would stand by you in that hour of need or not. It’s funny how we have so many friends but only a few stand with us when we are in need. This tells us one thing fellow Christians; all those who smile at you are not necessarily your friend! You need to keenly identify that one particular friend who has always been there for you. And yes, you need to pray for that particular friend.

You need to repay that 1 loyal friend with good deeds

The best thing you can do to that one person who has been with you all through is do the right things to them as well. It would be the height of betrayal for you to turn around and hurt those who have stood with you all through. That is like biting the hand that has always fed you unaware of the fact that you will probably need it to feed you in the next few hours. Brethren, ensure that you do the right things to those who have been with you whenever you were in trouble. And yes, never forget about that one true friend!