I love you! There is no doubt about that. Perhaps you might be wondering why I love you this much-I will tell you why. After deeply perusing through every corner of my heart, I came up with not one, not two but ten reasons why I love you more than anyone else!

1. Your Faith in God

Your faith in God is exemplary. You have given me the power to grow my faith in God as well. Every time we are together, it’s like you double my faith in God. Your undying faith in God ignites a spark in my heart every day! And yes, it is like I have been growing in faith every day we are together.

2. Your Obedience

Your obedience is like nothing I have ever seen before. It is because of your obedience that we have been able to live in harmony all through. Your obedience makes me feel indebted to you. And, of course, that very obedience makes me love you more! I know that I have my own weaknesses, but you have always been obedient even when I am on the wrong side. For that, I might never repay you back, but will always be grateful to you!

3. Your Prayers

Your prayers have kept me strong all through. Ever since I met you, you have stood by me in prayers and we have been able to sail through any situation that comes our way. Over time, your prayers have made me love you more. And I will always pray for you as well. I hope that we will build our love on prayers every day of our lives.

4. Your Confidence

Did I ever tell you that your confidence is a turn on for me? Now you know my love! Your unparalleled confidence has been like a rock for me to lean on every time I have an issue. The way you confidently approach life makes me feel confident too. That makes me love you more! And yes, it makes me feel confident as well.

5. Your Patience

The patience you exhibit is unequaled. I have traveled from East to the west, north to south; but I have not met anyone with so much patience. That is why I will always treasure you! You make me take life easy even when I want things to happen urgently. You have helped me develop patience in everything I do band I love you more for that.

6. Your Honesty

Sweetheart, I understand that honesty is a rare virtue! Finding someone like you is a hard task nowadays. That is why I value your honesty more than you can ever imagine. I love you for being honest with me even when the situations get complicated. That has taught me to never make a lie in order yo avoid hurting anyone. You taught me to always speak the truth and approach it even when it's bitter. That makes me love you more than anyone else!

7. Your Humility

Your humility is something else that sets my heart rolling whenever I think of you. The way you take every achievement in life lightly without bragging about it is quite impressive. I find your humility quite amazing. I must admit; you have taught me to be humble too! And I love you more for that.

8. Your Submission

Your submissive nature makes me weak around you. In fact, I think that your submission is your strength. I appreciate how submissive you are around me even when I am in the wrong. And I will always love you for that.

9. Your Devotion

Your devotion is yet another thing that makes my heart skip a beat for you. Although I might never tell it enough, I love how devoted you are to God, me and our families! Your devotion to your career as well as everything else you do makes me feel so relaxed and secure around you. You make feel like victorious in this life.

10. Your Strength that comes from the Word of God

The strength you draw from the word of God is admirable my love! It is that very strength that makes me feel stronger than ever before. I love you more for that! And yes, being around you makes me feel like I can go through any situation without ever giving up. You have influenced my life positively through the word of God and I will forever be grateful to you honey.