LOVE IN ACTION: 10 Ways to Love

I have witnessed several love stories turn sour in the recent past. All through, these questions kept lingering in my mind; what went wrong? Is there something that could have been done to avert the situation? As a result, I dusted off all my shelves in search of some amazing solutions. And yes, I came up with not one or two but 10 ways to love.

1. Listen without interrupting

This is the number one way to love which has proven quite helpful to me as a person. Failure to listen is suicidal to any relationship. I have seen many love stories ending tragically simply because those involved failed to give each other a listening ear. Brethren, if you want to have a successful relationship founded on love, learn to listen to each other without interrupting. In most cases, when you interrupt the other person as they talk, you are most likely going to stir up an argument. For that reason, you need to just listen first!

2. Speak without accusing

Leveling accusations against your better half is yet another dangerous path that each and every person who is in love should avoid like a plague. If you ever find yourself unable to hold a healthy conversation with your better half without hurling accusations at each other, I would suggest that you don’t even talk at all until things cool down. This is because accusations can really hurt your relationship in negative ways.

3. Give without sparing

Giving without sparing is yet another great way to show love to each other. You need to view those you love as part of you. In so doing, whatever you give or do to them will always feel like you have done it to yourself. Giving without sparing is an awesome way to show how much you love someone.

4. Pray without ceasing

If you love someone, constantly praying for them and your relationship is an awesome way to show how much you love them. For that reason, as Christians, we need to pray for those we love as a way of showing our love to them!

5. Answer without arguing

Did you know that answering without arguing can stop many fights between two love birds? Well, constantly stirring up unnecessary arguments with the person you love is destructive. If you love someone, just answer back without arguing!

6. Share without pretending

Pretending is a dangerous path for people who claim to be in love. To show how much you love someone, you need to share everything with them without pretense. If you ever find yourself unable to share with those you claim to love, then be sure that what you feel for them is not love. As Christians, sharing without pretense can strengthen our love.

7. Enjoy without complaining

One thing I have always failed to understand is why some people claim to be in love while they never enjoy anything together without complaining. Whenever one of you decides to offer something or take you somewhere, it is only prudent that you enjoy without complaining. In life, those who love you might not always give what you would have wished to have. That does not mean that they love you less. The best thing you can do is enjoy whatever they can offer without complaining. After all, we can never be equal in life! As Christians, we need to give those we love a chance to do what they can afford without criticizing or complaining.

8. Trust without wavering

Trust is the glue that will stitch your love together for a long time. If you love your partner, you need to trust them without ever wavering. This is the ultimate show of how much love you have for each other. Failure to trust those you love will always yield unpleasant results.

9. Forgive without punishing

What do you do when those you are in love with do something wrong? Do you forgive and forget? Well, to show love, you need to not just forgive but forgive and forget without punishing. That way, you will prove that your love is true and sincere. After all, if we were to be punished for every wrong we do, we would never know God!

10. Promise without forgetting

Do you keep your promises? Keeping your promises is a sure way to show you. I find it disturbing whenever I come across people who go around making promises which they never keep! If you love someone, you have to make real promises and keep them to the letter without forgetting.