Are you thirsty for success? Have your undying attempts to succeed in life proven futile? Perhaps all you need to do is rethink your strategies! It is possible that the methods you employ are insufficient. This begs the questions; is there a sure way to success? How did those successful men and women make it in life? I flexed muscles and gave this issue an eagle-eye view in an attempt to unravel the mystery! And yes, I was able to unearth not one or two but 11 ways to success! Let’s take a look at them.

1. Plan as others play

Ever heard of the phrase “the earliest bird catches the worm”? Well, this is basically all you need to do! Be a step ahead of the rest. Brethren, you need to always aim higher. As others play, you need to be planning. Honestly, this is a strategy that has seen me scale the heights as far as success in life is concerned. A plan is a recipe for making a success. If you fail to plan, you are definitely planning to fail. Brothers and sisters, if you want to be successful, better start planning right now!

2. Study as they sleep

You read it right! This takes me back to my schooling days. We were literally studying while others were fast asleep. This trick not only works to your advantage but also keeps you a step ahead of the rest. While others are asleep, they also expect you to be asleep. However, if you want success to follow you all the days of your life, you had better start studying while others are in bed. Let them only see you succeed but never see you working hard. This trick works wonders; trust me!

3. Decide as they delay

Inability to make timely decisions is the biggest hurdle to the success of any human being. My friends, we need to make a decision when they delay. Never let fear blindfold you to the extent that you are unable to make decisions on time. If you wait for the right time, you might have to wait for a lifetime. If you have that business idea, do not hesitate to implement it immediately. If you want to start that new project, do not think twice about it; just do it! As others delay and lazy around, all you need to do is simply set the pace.

4. Prepare as they daydream

The days we are living are very competitive. Everything we do in life is all about how good we can do it. For us to be successful, we need to prepare when are still daydreaming. As others fantasize and build castles in the air, we need to be laying foundations for our own empires. Instead of joining the rest in daydreaming about big projects, you need to start your own tangible small project and success will follow you. After all, it is only through that small project that God can make you successful. Don’t dream about it; just make that dream come true!

5. Begin as they procrastinate

While others ask why, how, where and when, all you need to do is to start working on your project. As the others procrastinate and keep talking about tomorrow, you need to make today your day! If you ever want to be successful in life, avoid procrastination. In fact, it is the biggest enemy to success. You should never rest on your laurels unless you have achieved everything you have ever wanted on earth! Do it today, you never know what the tomorrow holds!

6. Work when they are still wishing

I love this statement “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”. I don’t know about the next life, but I can categorically say that wishes will never yield any desirable outcomes in the life we are living in right now. Fellow Christians, while others waste their time wishing for the finer things in life, you need to be working towards getting those things they wish for. If you ever had a wish in life, don’t let it be “just a wish”; make it a reality. This is a trick that has worked wonders for more people than I can even count. Try it today!

7. Save as they waste

In this life, I have learned that saving is the secret to success. As others move about dishing cash and making unnecessary expenditures, you need to be smart! As you take care of your needs and desires today, you need to be aware of the fact that you will also have the same desires tomorrow. For that reason, as a Christian, you need to embrace the culture of saving for tomorrow. This way, you will definitely see success coming your way.

8. Listen while they talk

Listening is a rare yet valuable virtue that we need to possess. Instead of talking too much, you need to listen much and talk less. This way, you will be able to pick a few tips every time you hold a conversation with someone. In the long run, you will be having a perfect recipe for success. The trick is simple; talk less and act more!

9. Smile when they are frowning

A smile goes a long way in determining how successful you become. How is that possible? Well, smiling relieves stress and gives you a positive approach to life. With a positive energy, you will definitely work towards success. As others frown, you need to be smiling your way through life!

10. Commend as they criticize

Commending is yet another awesome way to move towards your success. Instead of criticizing everything, you need to be optimistic. See the good things and turn a blind eye to the negatives! This way, you will definitely be successful!

11 ways to success

11. Persist as they quit

I have this golden rule; never quit! While others get exhausted and quit, you need to keep pushing hard until you get to the finish line. Show me a quitter who has ever won, and I will show you a dozen of winners who never quitted!

Being successful does not have to be a daunting affair anymore! Armed with this information, all you need to do is put the right foot forward and start moving towards success.