Do you sometimes feel like the doors to your success are locked? Perhaps all you need to do is stop worrying and find the keys. Sometimes, finding the right keys is always a daunting affair to us as Christians. It is for this reason that I have dug deeper to unravel some basic keys to Christian success.

1. Pray positive prayers

This is the number one key to success. Brethren, it is only through prayers that we can achieve any desirable thing in our lives. And yes, it is not just prayers; but positive prayers. Personally, prayers have worked wonders for me and my family. I find it disturbing whenever I hear fellow Christians claiming that their prayers never yield any fruits only to realize that they don’t make positive prayers. If you need success in abundance, you need to pray positively!

2. Read the Bible

Let the Bible be your guide if you want to have the finer things in life. Let it be your map whenever you are looking for that hidden treasure in your life. And yes, let the Bible unlock all those locked doors to success. Without knowledge in the word of God, it is almost impossible for us as Christians to open the doors to success. For that reason, we all need to read the Bible consistently and adhere to every word on it to the letter. Brother, the word of God is an important key to success that should never be lost or misplaced!

3. Attend Church

Little known to many, attending church is an important ingredient to spice up your journey to success. Attending church offers you an opportunity to have a closer connection to God and your fellow Christians. In your walk to success, you will need God and friends to encourage you to keep working hard. For that reason, attending church is an important key to success. There is a very thin line between attending church and being a valuable church member. For that reason, let us not just attend church for the sake of attending; let us attend church and make an impact. As Christians, attending church and making a positive impact will open our doors to success!

4. Yield your will to God’s will

We also need to ensure that we yield our will to God’s will. Whatever plans we have in life, God has His own plans as well. We need to ensure that we let God take control of our lives. If you want to have everything you have ever dreamt of in life, you need to ensure that your plans are in accordance with God’s teachings. To scale the heights of success in life, we all need to let God take the wheel and steer us to wherever He has planned! In so doing, we will succeed beyond limits!

5. Expect blessings

More often than not, we find ourselves having doubts as to whether we will be blessed or not! I will put it this way; doubts are the biggest hurdle to our success! Brethren, let us expect blessings in everything we do. This is a key to success and has worked miracles for countless people. Expecting blessings in our lives will attract success in our lives. In fact, if you expect blessings in everything you do, you get motivated to do more. Expect blessings and you will have blessings coming your way from all angles!

6. Receive your blessings

Did you know that some people have blessings hanging around them but they never receive them? Sounds strange, right? Well, that happens in so many cases! The reason behind this is the fact that most of us never receive our blessings. Maybe I should put it this way; most of us never claim our blessings! Let’s take this analogy for example: Assume that your father had several sons and after passing on, he left each one of you something to inherit. Unfortunately, you never put an effort to claim your own share of the inheritance. Would the share ever come to force itself on you? I doubt if it would. Brethren, we need to receive our blessings!

7. Speak victory

There is an enormous power vested on our tongue! We have the power to speak evil and righteousness. We have the power to speak victory as well as failure. For that reason, if you need success to follow you all the days of your life, you need to speak victory and speak against failure. This way, you will be able to open all the doors to success in your life!