You are born a champion; you should not die a loser! It’s funny how most of us let tribulations plunge them to limbo. In life, you need to be the best version of you! In fact, you should never rest on your laurels till you have achieved all your goals in life. We have so much unused potential hidden beneath ourselves! And yes, it’s time we explored our full potential!

Only you can make that decision

Sometimes, I can’t help but get jealous of the grave! Graves have the best brains which were never utilized on earth. Why is it so? Most of us have so much potential yet only choose to utilize a very small percentage. Imagine how developed the world would be if the best doctors treated all patients, the best teachers taught everyone, the best preachers led everyone to Christ, the best leaders led their people in the right direction and you lived the best version of yourself! Brethren, only you can decide to be the best!

Seize those opportunities in life

The best way to exploit your full potential in life is by taking chances and seizing those opportunities that come your way. Let no fear deter you from exploiting your full potential and becoming the best version of yourself. If only you knew what you are capable of, you would never see yourself as a failure in life. After all, God created us so that we can fulfill our purpose on earth. Sometimes, I look at some Christians and wonder whether they really believe in the word of God. What would make a Christian lead a sub-standard lifestyle? My fellow Christians, we need to seize every opportunity in life and work towards making the world a better place for us and those around us.

Be positive

One thing I can squarely attribute to failure in life is negative thinking. Brothers and sisters, we need to start thinking and behaving positively. We need to start seeing life from a different angle. And yes, we need to let go of those negative ideas and thoughts. If you need to make it in life and be the best you could ever be, start approaching things in a positive way. If you ever find yourself thinking about all the negative things in life, you need to seek divine intervention! This is because thinking about negative things in life only works to your disadvantage. It fills you will negative energy and you end up being a loser in life. Fellow Christians, be positive and good things will follow you all the days of your life!

Let God direct you

One thing that makes most of us never realize our full potential is the failure to seek God’s intervention. If you want to have the best things in life, go in the right direction and live your best version, you need to let God take the wheel. That is the secret to success brethren! If you let God lead the way, you will exploit your potential to the fullest.

In a nutshell, living the best version of you is the best thing you can ever achieve in your entire life. Armed with this information, perhaps it’s time you started utilizing all the potential vested on you.