Failure and success. What most people don't know that these two phenomena are correlated. Failure is part of success. No word lives on every man's leaps like the word success. Every human being tries to obtain success.

What does it take to be successful?

People spend most of their time looking for success. The reality is that not all people achieve success. If this statement was to be expressed in a better way, they do not persist long enough to get the success. In other words, for you to be successful, you must fail on the way. Some of the world's most successful people have proved that failure is always a function of success. 

Why is failure scorned?

One thing that makes human beings react negatively to failure is their ego. They tend to see failure as an ending of their success. In reality, failure plays a very big role in attaining success for giving people the intelligence to start in a better way. Failure is inevitable for success. 

How do you accept failure? 

Accepting that you have failed and moving on with your dreams is probably the hardest thing for most people. This is why you need to learn to accept failure. Accepting failure is not enough. You are supposed to do something about failure. Failure is a blessing because it makes you more intelligent. The greatest question that you need to ask yourself is, is your desire to succeed greater than your fear to fail? 

What role does failure play in success?

Do not quit too early. Most people quit when they fail. But one of the life's truths is that Most of the obstacles that we face are there not to stop us, but to test our character. A common observation on the character of some of the world's most successful people depicts a very similar pattern. First, they fail for a number of times. It doesn't matter how many times people see their failure. After a set period of time, they show success. Michael Jordan, for example, attributes his success to the countless times that he has failed. The best basketball the world has ever seen failed to win the championship in sixteen consecutive times but thereafter he won the championship eleven consecutive times. How amazing!

What is the greatest lie about success?

The greatest lie that you have about success is that it comes immediately. At times, you may have tried something and it failed terribly and what you tell yourself is "maybe it was not meant to be" This is a lie. You have to fail in order to achieve anything. Another lie that is keeping you from getting what you want is the story that you keep telling yourself why you can't get it. You tend to say that just because something failed in the past; it will fail in the future. It doesn't work like that. If you live by that, then that is the perfect formula for misery. 

Always see failure as an opportunity

As Miss Universe 2016, Iris Mittenaere answered during the final Q & A segment, failure always brings that opportunity to succeed. By elevating us into higher grounds, failure gives you the crucial knowledge and this knowledge is what makes us successful.