Don’t stitch your broken heart; let God heal it!

God heals the broken-hearted. Whenever your heart is broken, you should not stress yourself trying to stitch it. All you need to do is let God do the healing. It’s funny how some people attempt to do it on their own only to end up more heartbroken than they previously were. How does one attempt to stitch their heart? Well, resulting in the use of drugs simply because you are heartbroken, worrying yourself after being heartbroken and deciding to revenge after being heartbroken are all stitching! All these will only result in a worse heartbreak than the one you are going through. Instead of plotting evil deeds against anyone who break your heart, as a Christian, you only need to call upon the lord and He will heal your heart. And yes, healing your broken heart is not the only thing he will do; he will give you better options and open new ways for you!

Don’t let heartbreaks bring you down

It’s funny how some people easily give up in life after going through heartbreaks. Perhaps the reason they never learn to face these hard times is because they never invite God to take control. Brethren, let not such situations bring you down! All you need to do is call upon the lord and He will see you through. In fact, giving up should never be a vocabulary in your dictionary. After all, God has given us the power to proclaim how we want our lives to be. He has given us tremendous powers to steer our lives in the right direction through prayers and faith. Giving up is an utter manifestation of lack of faith in God. Do not let heartbreaks bring you down!

Learn to move on

After heartbreaks, even before God intervenes, you need to learn to let go of the past and move on with life. As a Christian, you need to call upon the lord to give you the power to move on. It is suicidal for you to keep focusing on the heartbreak instead of exploring new and better avenues which would bring happiness into your life. As much as God heals your broken heart, you have the power to determine whether you will accept the healing or not. If you keep focusing on the closed door, you might never see the doors that God has opened for you. My fellow Christians, let’s learn to move on after heartbreaks and God will help us heal!

Give God time to heal your broken heart!

Patience is one virtue that you need to exhibit when you want God to heal your broken heart. This is not something that can happen overnight. For that reason, just pray and let God do the rest. You should never lose hope or think that God has forgotten what you are going through. He sees everything and understands the situation. For that reason, be patient and you will get impressive results. He has power and can change the situation only when you let Him do it at his own pace.