With God as my provider; I will never lack anything

God is my provider; there is no doubt about that. He has been the source of everything I own from day one. Whenever things get out of hand, all I do is call upon Him. And yes, He has never failed to make a way in every struggle that comes my way. It is for this reason that I have Him and Him alone as my sole provider. 

Whenever I call upon God, things always seem to fall in place. Instead of drowning in an ocean of troubles and being engulfed in a web of stress and confusion, all I do is let Him take control. And yes, in so doing, I have had everything in abundance!

Make Him your provider too

Are you going through some hard times? Whether it’s your marriage, finances or social life, all you need to do is let God be your provider. He will restore your gradually disintegrating marriage, He will revive your rapidly deteriorating financial situation and above all, He will bring the right people into your life. It is time you let go of your worries brethren! Let God take care of all your wants, let Him provide for you and He will surely provide in abundance. If you are having any shortages, He will multiply whatever you have a thousand times! But all He asks of you is your consent and an invitation for Him to take the wheel and steer your life in the right direction. Give Him the go-ahead and you will love the results!

Share what God provides with others

There is glory in sharing what God provides to you with other people. When you use what God has freely given to you to make life easy for other people, He will keep providing in large quantities. In fact, giving to others is the ultimate secret to getting more and more blessings from God. What we need to understand is the fact that once God provides, He really looks at how we use whatever He has provided. When we use it to make life better for those who are in need, God is pleased. Come to think of it; would God fail to provide for you if He knew that you will use what He provides on others? I bet not! For that reason, try using what is provided to you to make life easy for those around you and more will keep trickling in!

God provides freely when time is right

You might have called upon Him for a very long time and you are almost giving up. However, what you need to understand is the fact that God provides when the time is right. Unlike the devil who offers short-cuts through your tribulations only for you to end up in much worse situations than you were before, God takes His time and only provides when He thinks that you are ready to receive whatever you had asked for. And yes, when He provides, He does so without requiring anything in return. For that reason, you need to let Him provide at His own convenient time.