We live in times of great distress. At times, we might face challenges that make us doubt whether God is with us. But we are supposed to know that no matter what we face, God is with us all the time. He knows our troubles. He is in our sorrows and all we have to do is to let his will be done. 

Even we are in our darkest times, there are things that we can be assured that the Lord is our provider and protector. No matter what we go through, we are supposed to remember the following:

His love for us is unconditional and He has the best plans for us

As in the book of Jeremiah 14, the word of God tells that the Lord has good plans for us. Plans to bring us success and not failure. Even if we are going through the worst stage of our lives, we should always remember that he is there for us. He will bless us abundantly if we let His will to happen. We should trust in the Lord and always have faith in Him. He will forgive our sins and bless us abundantly if we do so. 

Our sins has separated us from Him

When we sin, we cut the link that binds us to the Lord. When we are separated from him, we cannot feel the experience of sitting at the feet of Jesus. Casting all our problems to Him and believing that He is the rock of our life is possible when we repent our sins. There is good news, though. Even if we have sinned, it does mean that we are completely separated from the Lord. He has made a plan where we can still get in touch with him.

He has sent His son Jesus who will pay for our sins. For the consequence of sin is death. This is the reason why the Lord gave his only begotten son that we may be reconnected to Him. 

Because of His unconditional love, He came up with a way that we get back to Him by confessing and repenting our sins. And that is the way of our salvation through Jesus Christ who was sent pay for our sins. 

Jesus Christ is our Lord 

As we get separated from the Lord by sin, We should accept Jesus as the rock of our lives. For the bible makes it clear that we cannot go to the Lord unless we accept His sent son. We should obtain salvation by accepting Jesus as our Lord. 

Are you in trouble and still wondering if you would ever find a way out? 

You may be in the darkest days of your life. You may be going through the worst experience of your lifetime and it does not seem to end. You don't need to panic because God is with you. 

Job went through the worst In his life but due to his unwavering faith, he was able to come out victorious. Abraham was wondering why he could not have a child of his own. He kept believing in the Lord and God rewarded him. No matter what you may be going through, there is a way out. God is with you all the time. You don't need to worry, you just trust him.