Do you sometimes feel like no one loves you? Well, I have some good news for you. God loves you every day! Knowing this gives one the energy to keep moving forward even when they feel like the world hates them. And yes, with God’s love being unconditional, you should never worry about those who hate you. Brethren, God’s love for you is unshaken.

God will never let you down. He won't leave you nor forsake you. Trust Him every moment of your life. Live for God's glory.

He loved you before you even knew Him

Whenever I take a minute to think about this, I get baffled. How would you react if your better-half told you that they already loved you even before you knew them? I believe that would be the best feeling ever, right? Well, it extremely baffling that God loved each and everyone one of us even before we knew Him. He loves us each and every day regardless of what we are going through. His is the greatest love of all times! Whether you are stable or are going through a hard time, He never stops loving you.

He loves you even when you sin

In this life, I decided to look for a friend who would love me as long as I did the right things. And yes, I got a dozen friends. I got tired and decided to look for a friend who would love me even when I was doing things the wrong way. And yes, I only found God! Brothers and sisters, it’s funny how hypocritical some friends can be. It is extremely ironical that we have so many friends when we are doing the right things and have very few of them whenever we go astray even once. Funny enough, God loves us even when we are sinners.

When you feel unloved, just call upon Him

Fellow Christians, instead of spending sleepless nights worrying about those who hate you, all you need to do is call upon Him and you will feel loved once more! Given the fact that God’s love never ceases, you do not have to keep stressing yourself about how many people you impress. In fact, God does not need you to impress Him. Whether you are sinful or righteous, rich or poor, educated or not, God loves you unconditionally. All you need to do is call upon Him and you will have love in abundance. In fact, God is love! This means that hatred is not a vocabulary that exists to Him. Brethren, do not feel unloved; God loves you more than you can ever imagine.

He will never let you down

Every day, I watch people crying and telling of how their soul mates let them down, how their friends betrayed them and how their families failed them. I can’t help but wonder how disappointing that feels. And yes, that is how hypocritical untrue love is. Good news is; God will never let you down, He will never betray you and He will never leave you when you need Him the most. Unlike human beings who betray you when you need them the most, God will always love you.

God’s love is immeasurable, inexhaustible, unconditional, patient and endless. If you are looking for true love, all you need to do is seek God and you will have love ion abundance. He loved you even when you never knew Him, guess how much He will love you when you know Him.