God loves you more than you can imagine

God is love; there is no doubt about that. He has manifested His love for us in so many ways we can never explain. Come to think of it; how many times have you wronged Him? Probably countless times yet despite our sinful nature, He still sees us through our hard times. Even when we go astray, He is always more than ready to take us back whenever we realize our mistakes and repent. I believe that this is the greatest manifestation of pure and true love. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how I would judge myself or anyone who keeps doing the same mistakes then ask for forgiveness. I really doubt whether anyone of us would be so lenient. For this reason, I categorically believe that God is love itself!

Share God’s love with others!

The best way you can show appreciation for God’s love is by sharing the same love with others. Love your neighbors, friends, and family. Support them when you can and ensure that you never rest till they are okay. That way, you will be able to spread God’s love to different people. Come to think of it; how would the world be if we loved each other like God loves us? One thing is for a fact, most cases of violence, war, and other vices would be unheard of. Perhaps it’s time you shared that love with others. That is the only way we can make the world a happy place free of injustices and evil.

God’s love is unconditional!

Whether you are a sinner or not, whether you are a Christian or a non-Christian, whether you believe in God or not; He loves each and every one of us in equal proportions. Unlike human beings who vary their love depending on family ties, denominations and other factors, God sees us all as his children. It is funny how He loves even those who commit the worst atrocities in the society. All we need to do is ask for forgiveness and he forgives without asking for any sacrifices whatsoever. That is what unconditional love means. While friends and family might forsake you when you need them the most, God always stands with you all through regardless of whether you are a good are a good person or not. It is ridiculously unbelievable! In a world where love is gradually becoming a scarce commodity, God is our only real source of sincere and true love.

God’s love for mankind can never be shaken!

When situations some and make you feel like God no longer loves you, always remember that his love is unshakeable. He showed his love for us from day one and continues to show it to date. For that reason, you should never fall to the temptation of looking for love somewhere else. And yes, if you really understood how deep God’s love is; perhaps you wouldn’t ever look for it somewhere else. When people turn against you, simply call upon God to come to your rescue and you will see what He can do. His love remains unshaken to date. In fact, God Himself is love!