God Never Allows Pain without a Purpose

In the bible, we are told that God is love. But the question that bothers most people is why God allows bad things to happen to us? As most Christians believe, the Lord is omniscient. What this means is that He is all knowing. He can see even those events that are in the future. Christians also believe that God is omnipotent. What means is that He is all powerful. He is capable of doing anything. If you combine all these three things that Christians know about God, Then you find most Christians asking themselves, why does God allow pain and suffering? But the answer to that is because God will never allow pain without a purpose. The following are the things that show why God will never allow you to undergo pain without suffering;

God has given us the freewill

God is love. But for us to understand that God is love, we need to understand that God will not be love if he had taken our freedom. This freedom is what brings the pain. God allows humankind to make their own choices, and this can ultimately lead to some magnificent things. The downside of this freedom is that that we can just create the cruelest outcomes of being human. It is because of the freedom that God has granted to mankind that leads to wars and lifestyle diseases. 

He is always with us in our pain

Sometimes, we undergo the greatest pain of our lives. It could be the loss of a loved one, an accident or any other thing that breaks our heart. The bible is not silent on this question. In fact, in the scriptures, we see examples of pain and suffering. There is that instant where Lazarus dies and his sister goes to fetch Jesus. The bible says that Jesus Wept when he came to the scene. This is just one example which shows us that no matter what we go through, God is in our pain. We may not understand why we are going through that problem. But there is a purpose which is beyond our human understanding. We just have to let his will be done. 

In the bible, we are given the example of the Apostle Paul. Paul went through pain in what he describes as a thorn in the flesh. It was something physical. It was so painful for Paul and Paul always asked God to take it away. Jesus answers Paul by telling him that His grace was very sufficient for him and that His strength is perfected in weakness. What this answer meant is that what Paul actually needed was Him.

We need Him

When we undergo pain, all we need is God. He is the one who understands the purpose of that pain. The bible makes it clear that he cannot subject us to what we cannot bear. He will never allow us to experience pain that we can’t handle. All that we need to do is to seek him when we go through pain. When you go through a hardship know that the answer is God. As David puts it, even if you walk through the valley of death you don’t need to fear because the answer to this is God. God will never allow pain without a purpose, we just have to seek Him.