God gave us Life; Let's Dedicate it to Him Alone

Freely given to us, Life is beautiful, use it to glorify God. There is no better way to thank God for our lives than dedicating it to Him. What we need to agree on is the fact that life is beautiful. You might be holding a different opinion on whether life is beautiful or not. However, by the time you are done reading this, you will be seeing life from an entirely different angle. First, whether you are going through some hard times or not, you need to understand that every aspect is part and parcel of life. In fact, some of these challenges make life worth living. Come to think of it; how would life be if there were no challenges? For that reason, you need to always dedicate your life to serving God regardless of your situation.

Discover the beauty in life by sharing it with others.

By sharing your time with others, you will discover how beautiful life is. When you talk, play and have fun with other people, you get an opportunity to forget all your challenges even if it’s for a minute. It is at this time that you get to see how beautiful life is. Instead of locking yourself in your house and feeling stressed, perhaps all you need to do is go out and have fun with your friends. There is this magical power in sharing with others that is simply unexplainable. When you share with other, you realize that your challenges are less. For that reason, you need to discover the beauty in life by having a good time with people who are special to you.

Use your gifts to glorify God.

In life, we are all endowed with outstanding characteristics, talents, and abilities. Each one of us has something special that we can do better than any other person. In order to discover the beauty in life, we need to first look deep into ourselves in order to unravel that ability. After we discover our strengths, we need to use them to glorify God. If you are a gifted musician, sing like it is your last day. If you are a gifted footballer; play like you will never do it again. And yes, if you are an outstanding preacher, get more people to know God. It is through the exploitation of these abilities that we can get to see how beautiful life is. After all, we all want to be the best at something. We don’t have to be good in class; we need to discover what makes us special. Come to think of it; was the smartest kid in your class good in football? Probably not!

It is the simple things we have that make life beautiful!

It is quite misleading for anyone to hold a notion that life is only beautiful when they have everything they need. Life is beautiful when you use whatever you have to glorify God. You don’t need to have everything you wish for in order to enjoy life. All you need to do is discover the simple things you can do to make life enjoyable. Whether it’s visiting the sick, visiting the poor or making simple donations to the homeless; just get something good to do and life will be beautiful!