Awaken your hope with love

Love renews hope and spreads joy; that is a simple fact! It is time you awakened your hope in life with love. Ignite that gradually disintegrating spark in your heart and you will live happily. When things get out of hand; only love can make you feel at peace. When you are slowly losing hope, let love brighten your heart and bring hope back. In love, we all have a chance to feel like champions even when we are going through hard times. Love awakens that lost hope and restores your enthusiasm to keep pushing even harder. Brethren, it’s time we allowed love to grow in our hearts. It is only through love that we can be able to live happily and peacefully. And, of course, with our hopes awakened, we will be able to make scale the heights of success in life.

Let love bring you joy

Love is meant to bring joy into your life. If love doesn’t bring joy and happiness into your life, I have all the reasons to believe that what you are feeling is not love. And yes, if love brings you pain, you need to avoid it like plague. Love is a beautiful thing which should always be viewed as such. Whenever you feel low and your desire to keep on living is slowly diminishing, always remember that love can help you overcome every situation. Let love fill your heart and you will be able to lead a happy and contented life.

Show love to others

The best way to let love grow in your heart is by sharing it with others. There is no better way to prove your love than sharing it with those around you. In so doing, you will feel contented and pleased with your life. Helping those around you, loving those who hate you, praying for your enemies and helping the poor in the society are some great ways to show love. Love is not selfish, love is patient and above all, love is unconditional. Love your fellow human being regardless of their political affiliation, social status and religious beliefs. After all, we are all human beings and God loves us all equally regardless of our race or religious beliefs.

Love yourself and God

It’s funny how we claim to love other people yet we do not even love ourselves. Even before you claim to love God, you need to begin by loving yourself. It is impossible for you to give to others that which you can’t even give to yourself. God would also be disappointed if you loved Him and didn’t even love yourself. It all begins with loving yourself. After all, how would you claim to be in a position to give something to someone else while you don’t have it yourself? Let’s take this scenario for example; would you give money to someone in need while you have no coin? That is impossible. For that reason, when you love yourself, you will be able to spread it to those around you. And above all, you will be able to love God!