Love your parents while they are still alive. After all, what will it benefit you if you love them when they are already dead? I find it disturbing when I see Christians abandoning their parents when they are still alive only to start weeping and regretting when they have passed on! This is the height of dishonesty that each and every Christian ought to avoid like a plague! Perhaps we need to flex muscles and delve deeper into this discussion.

Love your parents and you will be blessed

“Love and respect your parents if you want to be blessed in life”, I vividly recall my Sunday-school teacher saying these words to me when I was still a young lad! These are words which never left my mind. In fact, they have been part of me all through life to this point. And yes, I have lived to reap the full benefits of these words. Brethren, if you love and respect your parents while they are still alive, good things will keep trickling in your life from all directions. Although my motive for loving and respecting my parents was never to get blessed in return, I can categorically state that I was blessed in abundance as a result of doing it! Fellow Christians, you need to start doing it not today or tomorrow; but right now!

Support your parents

Which is the best way to show love to your parents? For me, I believe supporting them is the best way to show how much you love them. It is the simple things you do to support your parents that give them happiness. You do not have to buy then a chopper for them to appreciate. A simple gift or providing financial assistance when they need it can really impress them. After all, your parents only want you to show some concern! Obviously, we can never repay our parents for what they have done in our lives; all we can do is just appreciating them. And yes, in order to show appreciation, we need to support them.

Pray for them to live longer

If you love your parents, supporting them is not the only thing you can do. You can also pray for them to live longer so that they can see you succeed in life. Nothing gives your parents happiness in their lives than knowing that they gave birth to a successful and responsible person. In fact, even as they go to their graves when the time comes, they do it happy that their name will live on forever. The opposite is also true brethren; when you fail to love your parents, you not only make them unhappy while they are still alive but also send them to their graves full of bitterness! Fellow Christians, it’s time we loved and prayed for our parents!

Love them and your children will love you too

Sometimes, I find myself wondering how some people fail to love their parents yet they have kids. Come to think of it brothers and sisters; don’t you think that the way you treat your parents might also be the same way your children will treat you? Fellow Christians, if you want your children to love and respect you, you need to set the example for them to emulate. After all, God never sleeps and sees everything you do to your parents!

In a jiffy, if you love your parents while they are still alive, they will be able to speak blessings into your life. If you love them when they are dead, I doubt if they can speak while in their graves. Fellow Christians, it’s time you started loving your parents.