When you are in a relationship with God; He will never fail you

Relationship with God is the best relationship you can have; no doubt about that! Your friends, family, and partner can fail you but God will never fail you. He will never betray you! And above all, He will never leave your side. Love is the cornerstone of any relationships and God Himself is love. That means that He is the cornerstone of your relationship. Regardless of your situation, He will always be with you once you are in a relationship with Him. While other friends stick around when things are good then run away when things get ugly, God will be with you in your best times and in your darkest hour! That is how truthful and real God is when you are in a relationship with Him.

Do not “cheat” on Him!

It’s funny how most of us “cheat” on God. I have used quotation marks because I am not referring to the worldly meaning of the word cheating. How can one cheat on God? Come to think of it; how would you feel if your partner or best friend went to be with other people and only came back to you when things didn’t work out for them? And yes, as if that wasn’t enough, they leave and then later come back to you when they are frustrated once more! That would be the height of disloyalty and dishonesty, right? That would mean that they don’t respect your relationship at all! Funny enough, that is the kind of relationship most of us build with God. Going astray and then coming back when things are bad! That is ok since God is merciful and forgives us once we confess. However, the problem is, we keep doing it over and over again. Brethren, let’s not sabotage our relationship with God. Instead, we should nurture it as if He was our best friend, our loyal partner, and our closest family!

Help others build a relationship with God

You need to help others to build a relationship with God as well. To achieve this, you first need to be an example to them. They need to see you being in a relationship with God. You need to lead by example then others will follow. It’s never an easy task for anyone to convince others to build a close relationship with God when their own life shows no sign of any Godly deed. For that reason, as we strive to bring others closer to Him. We need to ensure that our lives are an example!

Never give up on Him because He will never give up on you

God will never leave your side! No matter what happens, He will always be with you. For that reason, you should never think of giving up on Him as well. Loyalty holds any relationship together at all times. And yes, God wants you to be loyal to Him under all situations. In so doing, He will always be by your side. And yes, when you stand by Him even when things get out of hand, He will see you through any storm that comes your way!