Why worry?

Worry at its simplest definition is simply a state of anxiety over actual or potential problems. It is a fear of the unknown and the exercise of anxiety for a future for which you have no control over. As humans, leading a life full of responsibilities at every stage of life, we certainly seem to have a lot of things which would cause us anxiety. From where our next meal will come from, to how the bills will get paid, to even the seemingly small issues like what we will wear to an important meeting the next day. Worry comes in all shapes and sizes but lucky for us we have been given a proper tool to deal with the problems of life- worship.

Worship is to give God our all. 

It is an act of complete surrender. It is surrendering my all; my mind, my body, my heart and my time, to God. When we do this we are letting go of what we know and letting God renew our minds. Here's a simple truth about our minds; what consumes our thoughts is what we give our time to. When we let our minds focus more on our problems, we let our focus shift from God, our loving Father and helper, to whatever it is that is troubling us.

Does that mean that I shouldn't think about what is troubling me?

Of course not! To ignore our problems completely is not only foolish, but it is also very unbiblical. One does not simply stand idle by the road watching his barn burn down praying God will send some miraculous flood from nowhere to save it. You pick up a bucket of water and pray for the strength and wisdom to fight the fire. Such is the same with life. We will always have reason to doubt that God is there, to doubt His plans for us, to doubt what His Word says when our backs are up against the wall, but to succumb to our fears, and stress, and worry is to let the devil win. We must raise our voices even higher in worship and get up and have faith that God has it all under control.

Be careful of your words.

That our words have power is no secret. The tongue as small as it may be holds the key between life and death. What worship does is it fills our mouth with life-giving, faith-filled words. The first thing we utter when confronted with bad news or a difficult situation more often than not sets the tone of how we are going to respond to and deal with the issue. The more you worship, the more you take authority over your troubles and fears and worries and surrender them to God.

Having a problem paying your bills? Start thanking God for being your provider. Feeling under the weather? Praise God for being your healer. Having trouble studying for a test? Thank God that He has ordained you as the head and not the tail. It's all in the power of worship.

Where your priorities lie, there also your heart will follow.

Finally, the greatest secret of living effectively on earth is the understanding of the principle of priorities. Our life is the result of all our decisions. Our decisions are largely the result of our priorities. So let us strive to ensure that our priorities lie in worshiping God in truth and in spirit.