Pray and Trust in God for better times!

The best cure for worry is trust in God! Talking to God through a simple prayer could change your situation. Instead of spending the whole day worried about your life, perhaps all you need to do is pray. A simple communication with your creator could work miracles for you. And yes, there is this unexplainable power in prayer which leaves you feeling like something has been lifted off their chest. I dare you to try that out and you will feel the difference. Let God take the wheel; let Him be in control, invite Him to take charge over your life through a simple prayer and you will see the difference! It is that simple brethren.

Talk to your friends instead of worrying

Did you know that God uses people to communicate to you at times? Try talking to someone you trust instead of worrying about your situation. God could use them to pass a message to you concerning your situation. A say a problem shared is half solved, or so the saying goes. Although that might not be from a biblical approach, I strongly believe that sharing can work wonders. By talking to someone and sharing your issue, especially if they are Christians, you are able to feel relaxed. Perhaps it’s time you found someone to talk to about your situation instead of worrying.

Remember that He has you in His palm

While you look worried and stressed, you need to remember that God has you in the palm of his hand. Doesn’t that mean anything to you? Being in His palm simply means that he watches every step you take and cares about you. For that reason, you have no reason to worry about where you will get your next meal. And yes, perhaps all you should be doing is asking Him to show you the right direction instead of being engulfed in a web of fear and uncertainty. In so doing, not only will you feel relaxed, but also get a chance to figure out how to get solutions to whatever is troubling you. And yes, believe in Him and you will see wonders.

Throw your worries away and let God take control

There is no doubt that God has your life planned out. Instead of spending sleepless night worried about what to do next, what to eat, how to dress and where to stay, perhaps all you need to do is talk to Him and relax. Show me a time when a worried man made any wise decision and I will show a million times relaxed men made wider decisions. Worries don’t just distract and stress you; they also lower your ability to make rational and reasonable decisions. For that reason, do away with worries and let God take control of your life. After all, He created you with a purpose. Instead of crying and worrying each and every day about tomorrow, just look at yesterday and thank God for letting you wake up today. After all, you have the gift of life, don’t waste it!