Think before you speak! This is a statement that we have grown up hearing from people around us. I think it has gotten to a point that most of us take it lightly. This begs the questions; is this statement true? Is it helpful? Is it inspiring? Is it necessary and above all, is it kind? Let’s attempt to answer these questions.

1. Is it true?

Think before you speak is a true statement that tells anyone to use their brain more than they use their tongue. The tongue is a very dangerous organ in our body which needs to be tamed. The tongue can create peace while at the same time it can cause chaos. Thinking before we speak is a very important way of handling issues in life. Brethren, we need to think about everything before we say it. We need to be able to analyze the implications of what we are about to say before saying. After all, once we say a word we can never take it back.

2. Is it helpful?

One thing we need to understand is the fact that thinking before speaking can really help. In most cases, those who speak randomly without thinking end up being in trouble. Look at people around you and you will resonate with me on that. Those who have a tendency of speaking aimlessly end up being in trouble with authorities as well as those around them. And yes, in most cases, those who speak without thinking have poor relationships with their neighbors and those around them. For all these reasons, I think we need to really think hard before uttering a single word!

3. Is it inspiring?

Thinking before speaking is an inspiring technique which really helps those who adhere to it to the letter. It is inspiring when you see people who are slow to utter and quick to think. This is because people of such caliber hardly ever get into trouble. And yes, it is also inspiring for one to be able to make wise decisions before they utter a single word. This is because chances of their words hurting those around them are very narrow. Those who employ this technique always establish a good relationship with their friends and neighbors which is an inspiring thing.

4. Is it necessary?

Thinking before speaking is necessary; there is no doubt about that. Failure to think before opening your mouth to utter a word is risky. It could land you into a plethora of problems. Sometimes, it’s better to stay silent than utter a word that would put you into trouble. It is a trick that I have personally employed to avoid getting into trouble with most people. Although some people might think of it as a weakness, staying silent is, in fact, a strength!

5. Is it kind?

Thinking before you talk is the best way to show how kind you can get. Instead of uttering words which break your friend or neighbor down, it is better for you to think about the repercussions before talking. It is a kind way to avoid hurting those around you. We need to think before speaking!