When you use what you have to do good; it gets multiplied.

Sounds strange, right? One thing I have personally discovered in life is the fact that when you use everything you have for doing good to others, it always comes back in abundance. Spend your money on the poor, donate one of your numerous houses to the orphans or that widow who has no home or better still; provide employment opportunities for the young, educated and jobless in the society. If you have not yet discovered the power in giving out and using what you have to do good to others; I challenge you to try it out and you will see blessings trickling in.

Do good expecting nothing in return.

When you use what you have to do good without expecting anything in return, you will always feel contented. The secret is simple; just do good without demanding for anything in return. In fact, God gives back to those who give with a clean heart without asking for anything in return. Instead of throwing away those extra clothes, give them to those who have no clothes. When you attach expectations to your good deeds, there are very high chances that you will end up disappointed. This is because God blesses those who give without making demands in return. That said, perhaps the reason as to why things haven’t yet worked out for you is because you do not give with a clean heart. Try giving with a clean heart today and you will see wonders!

You don’t have to be a millionaire; use whatever you have to do good.

It’s funny how some people think that for them to use what they have to do good, they need to have a lot of money. In fact, when I talk about what you have, I do not mean the material things only. You could be a gifted singer, a great scholar, an awesome pilot or an outstanding doctor. Whatever you are given, use it to do good. Use your music to bless others or use your medical knowledge to cure people. All you need to do is look deep down inside your soul and discover the gift given to you by God then use it to help others.

Don’t give up; keep doing good!

When you decide to use what you have to do good, never give up! Keep doing it and you will see what God can do for. Although you might not notice it, whenever people are happy for what you have done to them, God is impressed and ensures that you never lack anything. For that reason, keep doing good to others! It is that resilience that will yield fruits in the long run. When you are doing good, you not only impress those you do it for but also pleases God who watches everything you do. We do not need to travel abroad to see what God has done for those who use what they have to do good; I am certain that there are numerous examples within your locality. Do good and blessing will never depart from your life!