We worry about so many things. We worry about debt, money, children, time and so many other uncertainties about what the future holds for us. It is common to find that most Christians live with the fear of the unknown. Sometimes, we even worry about how much we worry. 

What does the bible say about worry? 

In the book of Luke chapter ten, we are narrated on the experience that Jesus had when He visited the house of Martha and Mary. Are you worried about the various uncertainties in life? Your miracle is coming your way. Wait with faith, not with worry. Martha began to get worried that she had too much to do all by herself. Then Martha came to Jesus and started complaining to Jesus. When you read verse 40, you will notice that there is a solution to worrying. Jesus answers her by first commenting with the observation that she worries too much about everything. Jesus compared Martha to Mary who was at Jesus feet where she had found a resting place. Jesus told Martha that she lacked only one thing. When we are overcome with worry, we forget one thing. This one thing is what Mary lacked and that is sitting at the feet of Christ. 

Should we worry or not?

No human being can avoid worrying. It is common for Christians to have the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of what the future holds for us. But when we are not supposed to worry in the first place. That one thing is faith. When we get worried, we should have faith. For faith is the believe in the things that we can not see. And faith is what will enable you to move on during those times that everything doesn't seem to work out. 

Why is worrying not good in the Christian walk? 

When things don't work out the way they are supposed to, we start getting worried and lose control. This is the point when we have forgotten one thing. That one thing is sitting at the feet of Jesus. We become afraid because we are very focused on our own agenda. And this is the reason why when something gets out of control, we become unable to handle it. The real problem is not that we have lost control, it is that we have forgotten that we were never meant to be in control in the first place. Having faith is very crucial as it is what controls our worries. (John 14:1) 

Why should Christians have faith and not worry? 

When we have faith in the Lord, we have reminded ourselves that He has good plans for us as in the book of Jeremiah. When we wait for the presence of the Lord and hand control over to him, we allow his will to be done and accept that His plans for us have not faltered. 

Should we worry? 

In the Christian walk, we should not get worried. When we trust in the Lord, he works for us even we are sleeping. If at all we are worried about anything we should have faith that it will be over because the Lord has planned for us already. If we keep trusting and believing in him, we will never be disappointed.