A beautiful heart is better than a beautiful face. If you were given an option to choose between the two, I think this would be like choosing between a rock and a hard ground for most people. Others would simply go for a good look. In fact, I have a deep conviction that the number of people who would go for a beautiful heart and let go of a beautiful face would be quite small. Perhaps this is what has led to moral decay in most countries all over the world where people strive to enhance their facial beauty while neglecting the beauty of their heart.

A beautiful heart will take you to heaven

Let’s get honest about this issue for once; can a beautiful face take you to heaven? It’s funny how most people focus on their facial beauty and forget that God only looks at their heart and not their face. After all, no matter how beautiful you are, without a clean heart, getting to heaven is not any easier than a camel passing through a needle. It’s time we shifted our focus and projected much attention to our inner beauty as opposed to the facial one. If you want to make it to heaven, make your heart beautiful. Instead of wasting a whole day cleaning and pampering your face, you should, at least, take some time to clean all evil habits from your heart and pamper it with good virtues and fertilize it with the Word of God.

Facial beauty fades but the beauty of your heart lasts forever

The other day, I was perusing the internet and I happened to stumble upon a photo of Miss Universe from several decades. She was a Miss Universe back then, but today, the beauty is no more. The funny thing about facial beauty is the fact that it fades away. And yes, after it fades away just like mist, you are left stranded. Instead of investing your quality time on the facial beauty which is temporary, you should instead invest on the beauty of your hearts which lives forever and ever.

Facial beauty is appreciated on earth while heart’s beauty is appreciated in heaven

On earth, you hear of Mr and Miss Universe, World, country, region or even organizations. Sometimes I get some wild thoughts and wonder why we never have a competition for people with the most beautiful hearts. All we hear around is appreciations for those with beautiful faces and attractive bodies. However, in that situation, I always remember that those with a beautiful heart will be appreciated in heaven. The kind, loving, caring, patient, merciful, helpful and supportive will all be crowned in heaven. And yes, that is what motivates me to make my heart beautiful. Although you might not be appreciated on earth for having a beautiful heart, you will definitely get your reward in heaven.

Good news is that you can pursue both

These two are not mutually exclusive. That is the beauty of life. You can have both facial and heart’s beauty and still be good. And yes, that is the best thing about this situation. If these two were mutually exclusive, we all would have a hard time deciding where to go. However, since these two can thrive together, you can pursue both and still live happily.

While the beauty of the heart remains more important than facial beauty, if you can still pursue both and lead a happy life, things would be perfect for you.