A true relationship has no secrets and no lies. Keeping secrets is a clear manifestation of mistrust which is not a desirable characteristic of a healthy relationship. Whether it is a relationship between you and your spouse, your friends or God, keeping secrets and telling lies not only harms the relationships but also breaks it down for good. Brethren, if you want to have a healthy and constructive relationship, you better start telling the truth from this very moment.

A relationship founded on lies never lasts

Whether you lie for a day, a month or a year, I have some bad news for you. A relationship founded on lies never lasts no matter how much you try. One funny thing about lies is the fact that it is contagious. The moment you create one lie, you will always have to create other lies to cover up that one lie you created on the first day. Funny enough, chances of you being able to remember every lie you have had to create in order to cover the initial lie are very narrow. In one way or the other, you will end up messing up and the truth will catch up with you. And why should you even have to go through all this trouble brothers and sisters? If anyone wants to be with you, you do not have to lie in order to look appealing to them. If you ever find yourself willing to lie in order to be in a relationship with someone, better leave immediately because that is not a healthy relationship for you.

Secrets kill a relationship

Here is a true story of what secrets can do: There was this happy couple in my neighborhood. For years, they had been living happily you would mistake them for one of those “lived happily ever after” fairy tales. They had beautiful kids and their family business was flourishing. One day, I was woken up by noise and commotion in the neighborhood as everyone shouted loudly. Peeping through the window, I could see a crowd of people murmuring to each other in low tones outside my neighbor’s house. When I went out to get a better picture of what had happened, I realized that the husband had another family and had been keeping it as a secret. Finally, the other family had decided to come over to his house. Although the rest is history, I must point out that their family was never the same again. Fellow Christians, don’t keep secrets. Secrets will kill your healthy relationships.

Lies and secrets slowly kill you from inside

Ever had some secrets which kept ruining your happy moments whenever you saw the person you have lied to? In most cases, when you keep secrets, instead of being happy, you are ever worried about how things are going to be when the truth comes out. This takes away today’s happiness as you worry about the day your secrets are going to get exposed. And why should you live like this? Fellow Christians, avoid lies and secrets and you will be happy in your relationships.

If it already happened, it’s never too late

Perhaps you are reading this when you have already kept a secret or lied to those you are in a relationship with. Whether it is your family, friends, church members or even your spouse, all is not lost. You still have a chance to make things right. All you have to do is face the facts and tell the truth. Do not expect people to react positively, but at least your conscience will be free.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, lies and secrets kill relationships. However, if it has already happened, it is time to face the reality. Simply tell the truth and you will be able to save your relationship from dying once the truth comes out in future.