This boils down to the reasons as to why we do the things we do. Do you do the right things for people to see? Do you do them out of your own free will? Or, do you do them in order to get blessed? Brothers, if you do the right things expecting anything in return or hoping that people will get to notice you, then you need to re-assess you Christian values.

Be your own supervisor

Throughout my career life, I have been able to develop the aspect of being my own supervisor. Fellow Christians, if you want good things to follow you, become your own supervisor as well. Your boss does not have to be in the office in order for you to do the right things. If you are a teenager, your parents do not need to be at home in order for you to do what is expected of you. If you want to live happily, learn to be your own supervisor and do the right things without having to be watched.

Do not attach expectations to the right things you do

I feel like I need to express myself here. Personally, I feel disturbed by some testimonies we give as Christians. While watching my favorite Christian channel just the other day, there was this testimony from a fellow Christian which got me wondering whether we are doing the right things for the right reasons. I will not get into details but basically, what the person was saying was that they had called their church pastor requesting for prayers for some reasons. Then, the pastor told them to give a tithe of a given amount so that God could solve their issue. So, they gave out the tithe and in return, their problem was solved. I have no problem with that. But I was wondering whether the person would be willing to give that tithe if they didn’t expect to have a miracle in return. Worse still, what would happen if God didn’t respond as they had expected? Brothers and sisters, if you do the right things in order for you to get something else in return, then you need to re-check you Christianity.

Do the right things in secret and God will bless you in public

Fellow Christians, if you do the right things in secret, God blesses you in public. This should not be taken to imply that you should do good things expecting God to bless in return. However, rest assured that God sees everything you do and is aware of what you are capable of doing if He gives you more. If you are a giver, then you will definitely get more from God. The secret is simple; do it even when no one is watching you. In fact, let God be the only witness.

Do the right things and good things will follow you

Show me one person who did the right things and was forsaken by God, and I will show you a million people who did the right things and God repaid them with goodness. Good things in your life might not come in the form that you expect. You might have given money to the poor or clothed those who had no clothes. God does not necessarily have to bless you with more money or more clothes. Look around you, and you will see God’s goodness. It could be your happy marriage, you brilliantly performing kids or your flourishing business.

Doing the right things is all about your personality. If you do the right things only when someone is watching, then you need to re-evaluate your values. Fellow Christians, do what is right at all times.