Which are the best relationship goals? When you are in a relationship, you also need to be in a friendship. I wonder how people claim to be partners yet they are not friends. It’s like someone becoming an adult without first passing through the teenage stage. I mean, a relationship is a friendship that has taken to the next level. So, if you are not friends, it’s practically impossible to have a good and harmonious relationship. That’s why you hear people asking their soul mates if they can take their friendships to the next level which is the relationship level. So, let’s look at some of the goals which need to be observed if at all you are to have an excellent relationship.

Talk like Best friends

When you are in a relationship, at whatever level, you need to talk like best friends. That creates a calm environment for you and the other person to talk freely without holding back. Come to think of it; who do you tell you secrets? It’s definitely not your mom or dad. You share most of your secrets with your best friends. For that reason, talk like friends, interact in a friendly manner and you will have nothing to hide from each other. Failure to do that will only create a tensed environment where each one of you strives to hide their information for their own safety.

Play like Children

You need to play like children even if it means literary doing it at a mature level. If you have been observant, you must have noticed that children really have fun when they play. I can vivid recall my early days when I had to cry the hell out just to get a chance a play with my friends. I could even forego lunch sometimes playing with my friends. That’s exactly how you need to be with each other. Play like children and you will be able to create a better environment for your relationship to grow. You don’t have to be serious all the day; play for some time and let stress out.

Argue like Husband and Wife

Argue like husband and wife. If you have been observant, you must have noticed that husbands and wife argue but still live under the same roof. They argue this minute and the next minute they are laughing. They are not talking to each other now but in the next five minutes, they are watching a movie together or in the kitchen preparing something. That’s how you need to make your relationship look and feel like. No relationships are perfect. I can never promise you that you will find a perfect person to be in a relationship with. After all, we are all human. What’s important is the fact that when we are in a relationship, we should never let our differences come between us. Let’s argue because it's healthy. But let’s iron out the differences as well.

Protect like Brothers and Sisters

Protect those you are in a relationship with like your brother or your sister. If you have siblings, I believe you fully understand what I mean. When your brother or sister is in a mess, you never rest till they are out. That’s the exact way you should be with those you are in a relationship with. Protect them like they were your brother or sister.

Relationships are quite healthy. They help us understand how to care about other people even above ourselves. If you want to have the best relationship, you have to adhere to these goals.