Cheating and lying are choices not a mistake. In most cases, unlike choices, mistakes do not have a second option. Looking at both cheating and lying, one has a choice of doing the right thing or telling the truth. Therefore, it goes without saying that there is no excuse for anyone who lies or cheats. Calling these two vices a mistake is a blatant insult and should never be condoned at all. If you find yourself cheating or lying and then using the word mistake for defense, then you need to really re-check your values and character.

Cheating and lying can never be justified

Sometimes as I walk around, I hear people debating on whether someone can be allowed to lie in a situation where the lie will save the day. I have personally gotten into a debate with some people claiming that even God would understand if one lied in order to save a situation. Some people even go a mile ahead to cite the biblical story of Abraham and his wife as a way of justifying the fact that one can lie at times. In all these scenarios, I always maintain a firm stand that lies can never be justified no matter what the situation is. For those who claim that even Abraham lied to save a situation, I always ask them these questions; who told you that his lying was justified? Who said that since it was a lie from Abraham it wasn’t a sin? Abraham just like all of us was a human being and all human beings sin at a point. For that reason, I maintain that cheating and lying should never be justified.

You always have an option

Unless you have a gun pointed to your head, I can never understand why one would decide to lie and then term it as a mistake. After all, you had an option to say the truth yet you decided to lie. That means you are a liar and there are no two ways about that. In this life, we have to learn to make the right choice and live by them just like God Himself tells us to do. If we decide to always make the wrong choices simply because they look convenient for us only to start claiming that it was a mistake later, we will be headed in the wrong direction.

Tell the truth and face the consequences

It’s better for one to avoid cheating and lying by simply telling the truth and living with the consequences. After all, it is always a matter of it before the truth comes out. For that reason, instead if lying and cheating in order to postpone the consequences, it’s even safer for you to simply make the right decision by telling the truth.

Ask for forgiveness

We need to understand that making the right decision and telling the truth gives us an opportunity to even ask for forgiveness especially in cases where the truth is bitter to the person we tell. I wonder why some people say that they lie to protect someone. If lying is meant to protect me, I’d rather be hurt with the truth. And yes, that should always be the case for everyone. Instead of lying to protect someone, tell the truth and then ask for forgiveness for whatever wrong you had done.

If you cheat you are a cheater and if you lie you are a liar, period. The two are a choice and can never be used as excuses by calling them mistakes.