Do you best today and you are best prepared for tomorrow. Yesterday’s mistakes are less important today and tomorrow’s achievements are uncertain. All we have is today and that’s why we have to work like it is our last day. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder how the world would be if we all lived each day like it is our last. The shape of your tomorrow is drawn today. If you want to have better living standards tomorrow, you have to work tirelessly today.

Yesterday is gone, we can only learn from it

Whether you did things right or wrong, you can never change your yesterday. Instead of spending sleepless nights thinking about the things you could have done differently yesterday, you need to focus your attention on the things you can do today. After all, whether you worry the whole day or even for a year, the mistakes you made yesterday can never be undone. All you can do about yesterday’s mistakes is learn from them and try to avoid them today. And yes, that’s the secret to a fulfilled living. Each day gives you an opportunity to correct all the mistakes you made yesterday, but most of us choose to waste today regretting about yesterday. As a matter of fact, that’s the worst mistake that you can ever do in this life.

Tomorrow is not certain, we only hope for it

We make plans for tomorrow, but we can never be certain about it. It’s only through faith that we hope to see the next day. How many people went to bed yesterday but never saw this new day? What we need to understand is the fact that although we have plans for tomorrow, we can never be certain about it. The end is always near, and we never know the day or the hour. It could be tomorrow or even the next minute. For that reason, we should never forget about today as we focus on tomorrow. We should work hard today and hope that we see the next day, but we should never postpone what we were to do today saying that we will do it tomorrow. If you want to make it in this life, don’t wait for tomorrow.

Today is a gift, that’s why we call it present

Yesterday is gone and we can never do anything about it. Tomorrow is not certain although we plan for it. And yes, today is all we have to do what we have to do. There is a reason why today is called present. I mean, today is like a gift we have been given to change yesterday’s failure and shape our bright tomorrow. It’s only through hard work that we can better our tomorrow. The good thing about life is the fact that our tomorrow is not determined by what we did yesterday, but by what we do today. Whether you made mistakes yesterday or not, you have a chance to make your future brighter today. Every day, as you wake up, you need to take it as a gift and a chance for you to better your future.

Be positive about life

In this life, the worst thing you can ever do is giving up. If you give up today, you affect tomorrow and the days to come. Instead of giving up in life, you should be positive and hope that things will get better. After all, life is never an easy journey. The good thing about life is the fact that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You need to focus on the light and not the darkness in the funnel.

Although there are so many things that we could have done differently yesterday, that’s already history. We need to work hard today, in order to better our tomorrow.