Encourage yourself to be successful. In case you aren’t aware, you and only you can determine how successful you become in this life. If you don’t work hard to become successful, I doubt if God can even help you. God blesses the work of your hands. So, if the work of your hands is resting, I wonder how God is going to bless that. If you ever want to have the finer things in life, you have to stop wishing and start living it. You have to encourage yourself to work extra hard towards success. I have seen people who have come from nothing to something. All they did was work hard. And yes, I believe that you have a few examples around you of people who were nothing yet became something thanks to hard work.

Be thirsty for success

One thing that has always motivated me to work harder is my undying desire to live comfortably. Of course, every human being wants to live comfortably. What makes the difference is how hard one works towards achieving better living standards. Personally, I have seen people who are contented with low living standards and never put any efforts to change their lives. These are the very same people you will hear complaining of how life has been tough for them yet they do nothing about it. If you want to be successful, you have to be thirsty for success. And yes, being thirsty is not enough. You also have to work hard for it.

Never rest till you make it

Through my interaction with people, I came across a Swahili phrase which says “Atafutaye hachoki” which is translated to mean that whoever is looking for something never gets tired. And yes, I have never forgotten it or the person who said to me. In a nutshell, when you are working hard towards success, you should never expect it to be a smooth ride. However, the good news is, no matter how hard it gets, there is always hope for a better future. You should never rest until you have everything you ever wanted.

Pray and work hard

A combination of prayer and hard work is the perfect dosage for you to become successful. If you pray, all you need to do is work hard and then let God bless the work of your hands. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder why some people never seem to work hard yet they have everything they ever needed in life. But then, I always remember that someone along their ancestral hierarchy must have been really hard working. Imagine being the person who transforms the living standards of your entire generation. Your parents might have been living an average life, but you can change the living standards of your next generations. All you need to do is pray and work extra harder.

Follow the right path to success

When the desire to succeed evolves to greed, there is always a temptation for you to use dubious schemes to become successful. One thing I would like to stress very categorically is the fact that you should never fall for that temptation. It’s better to earn a justified dime than unjustified millions. If you want to really be successful and be proud of it, just follow the right path.

Success is determined by our own efforts. If you put more efforts, you will definitely achieve whatever you want to have in life.