Every trial is an opportunity to grow your faith. Instead of trials weakening you, they should instead make you strong. More often than not, we are faced with tribulations and trials. What you resolve to do when trials come goes a long way in determining whether your faith grows or it weakens. Brethren, instead of worrying yourself when trials come, you should instead use them to grow your faith.

No trial is too much for you

One thing we need to understand as Christians is the fact that trials are allowed to come to us by God in order to test our faith. For that reason, God would never let any trail come our way if he didn’t see us overcoming it. Whenever trials come our way, as Christians, we need to understand that we have the power to overcome them. This is the only way we can be able to fight back and succeed! Jesus Christ is a perfect example that we need to emulate. If He was able to overcome trials, then we can as well overcome them. Brethren, you need to understand that you have the power to overcome trial. All you need to do is acknowledge the fact that trials are healthy for you as a Christian and then work on overcoming them.

Use faith to overcome trials

Fellow Christians, overcoming trials without faith is not any easier than looking for a needle in a haystack. In fact, it is almost impossible for one to overcome trials if they are weak in faith. If you want to overcome trials, you have to use faith as your weapon to fight back. If you do not have faith, chances of overcoming trials and temptations are quite minimal. Brothers and sisters in Christ let us our faith to overcome trials. In fact, when trials come, that is the time that we need to use our faith the most.

Trials are not a catastrophe, but a preparation for promotion

Brothers and sisters, the way we view trials determine how effective we are able to overcome them. If you view trials as a catastrophe, overcoming them becomes quite hard. You need to view each trial as an opportunity for you to get promoted to a higher level. Just like you attend an interview in order to prove your competence for a given job; so do you need to pass and overcome trials in order to prove how strong your faith is. It is only through overcoming trials that we can get promoted to better levels. Fellow Christians, trials are an interview and the only credentials you need to pass is your faith.

Ask God to give you strength to overcome trials

If you want to overcome a trail, you need to ask for strength from God. As much as God allows trials to come our way, He also gives us the strength to overcome them. However, we need to ask for that strength through prayers. Brethren, if trials strike from all angles; don’t panic, just pray for strength and you will overcome them.

In conclusion, whether you like or not, trials will always come to your as long as you are a Christian. All you need to do is be prepared and then use faith to overcome them. With God by your side, you will always overcome all trials.