Keep calm and smile every moment. Smiling is the secret to a healthy living. My dear friends, let not your tribulations weigh you down lest you fall into the trap of unhealthy living. We all have problems and issues which attack us each and every day. But, did you know that a smile is enough to make things feel right even when you are in the middle of unfriendly situations? If you think that people smile because they are living a perfect life; then you are very wrong.

Smiling gives you a positive energy

Funny as it might sound, smiling fills you with enormous positive energy. Brethren, I might not promise you that a smile will take your troubles away, but I can assure you that it will make you feel better. A smile will give you the will to keep living even when situations hold you down. Brothers and sisters, instead of spending days and nights worrying and crying your heart out, perhaps all you should be doing is smiling your way through those tough moments. And yes, having perfected the art of smiling even when things get out of control, I am a living proof that a smile is what it takes to make you feel relaxed in tough situations.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect in order for you to smile

I find myself wondering why we have rich unhappy people while at the same time we have poor and very happy people. What do you learn from that? My dear friends, what you need to understand is the fact that you do not need to have a lot of wealth in order for you to smile. You also do not need to have everything you ever needed in this life in order for you to smile. It’s funny how most of us attach our happiness to material things. If you smile because you have a beautiful house, what would you do if you lost the house? My dear friends, being happy and smiling should be an everyday affair regardless of the prevailing financial, social or political situations.

A smile spreads happiness around you

Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder why happiness blossoms around happy people and sadness thrives where we have sad people. If you have ever attended a funeral, you must have noticed that the environment is always gloomy because everyone is unhappy. On the other hand, when you go a wedding, the environment is bright since everyone is happy and smiley. What would happen if the two situations were interchanged? Let’s take, for instance, if people in a wedding were all gloomy and sad, would the environment be a happy one? Or, on the other hand, if people in a funeral decided to be happy and smile all around; would the environment be a sad one? I have a strong conviction that we have the power to determine the mood of the environment around us. Brethren, if you want to be in a happy environment, you had better start smiling right now.

Smiling is a necessity; not a luxury

You breathe every second, right? Well, make smiling part of you. It is funny how most of us never smile as if smiling would cost them. Brothers and sisters, smiling has more benefits than you can ever imagine. For that reason, you need to make it a necessity to you. Make it part of you and you will live happily.

If your life has always been a gloomy and unhappy one, perhaps it’s time you make it lively again by smiling. Your smile can only be an inspiration to your friend, smile from deep within.