Life offers a second chance; when it does, you better grab it. It is a fact that each and every one of us goes astray at one point in life. The good thing about life is the fact that we never have to live with the consequences of our mistakes forever. The moment we notice our mistakes and decide to work on them, life always gives us another chance to do things right. As Christians, none of us is righteous. However, we always have a chance to do things right and mend our mistakes.

It’s never too late for a second chance

Sometimes, we feel like we have done so many wrongs such that we do not even deserve a second chance. No one should be persecuted for having such a feeling. In fact, it is normal for someone to feel that way. However, it is highly prohibited for you to let that get into you. As a Christian, you need to understand that, no matter what you have done, it’s never too late for a second chance. You need to understand that life gives a second chance to anyone regardless of how wrong they have been, how sinful they have been and how many mistakes they have committed. Brothers and sisters, second chances are available for everyone.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself; accept second chances

In this life, God has forgiven people and given them a second chance for them to do things right only for them to toss it away claiming that they do not deserve it. Being forgiven or being given a second chance is one thing; accepting the forgiveness and taking up that second chance is another thing. It’s funny how most of us never forgive ourselves yet we expect others to forgive us. The first thing you need to understand is the fact that we are all human and mistakes are part of our lives. After accepting that, you need to take up second chances and work hard to make things right. If you let guilt suffocate you to the point that you are unwilling to accept second chances, you will be trading on very risky grounds my friends.

When you get that second chance; use it to the fullest

It is not like everyone gets a second chance. Personally, I have seen people who only missed one step and never came on track again. Brothers and sisters, getting a second chance is a privilege. For that reason, you need to use second chances to the fullest. Use that second chance to do what you never did when you were busy going astray. Brothers and sisters in Christ, that is the only way we can make up for what was lost.

Don’t be shy; admit your mistakes and start making things right

More often than not, we spent most of our lives trying to convince ourselves that we were right even when it’s crystal clear that we were wrong. Instead of wasting time trying to convince yourself that you do not need a second chance, all you should do is swallow your pride and admit your mistakes. In so doing, you will get a chance to come to terms with reality and start working towards the right direction.

My dear friends, admitting our mistakes, accepting second chances and working hard to make things right is not an easy task. However, it is the only way for us to make things right. It’s time we took second chances and worked towards the betterment of our lives.