Miracles happen when God steps in. When you get to a point where there seems to be no way out, that’s the exact moment when God steps in and works out miracles. Although some situations might push you to the point that you question whether God is really watching you, you need not worry yourself. He only does things when His time is right.

God is a miracle worker, not a fairy godmother

We need to understand that God is not one of those fairy tale characters who grant wishes in a magical manner. God is a strategic being and works out miracles when the time is right. And yes, when He steps in, that’s when miracles happen. He does not grant wishes, He fulfills his plans in our lives. He does not make true our wild fantasies, He only works miracles meant for our own good. God does not work miracles simply because we ask for them; He works miracles because we actually need them.

He steps in when we least expect

When we pray, there are three options we should expect from God. He can either answer immediately, ask us to wait or simply decline the request depending on whether it’s really necessary for us or not. When God fails to respond immediately, do not lose hope. All you need to do is simply relax and wait till his time is right. It might take some time, but it’s worth the wait. Do not despair, just give God His time. Do not expect God to work miracles in an instant, He takes his time and prepares you for your miracle before He grants it. Just like a mother gives their child time to have their teeth grow before she can give them hard food, so does God give you time to get ready for your miracle.

Pray until something happens

If you really believe that what you have been praying for is a necessity to you, you need to keep pushing until something happens. Persistence and faith are two basic qualities you need to exhibit in this life. If you persist, do it with faith and God will make a way where there seems to be none. In most cases, we only pray for some time and then lose hope and start trying things on our own. And yes, that’s where we go wrong. When you see nothing happening, keep pushing harder and God will certainly show His face to you.

A miracle is on its way, just hold on a little longer

Just like you only find your fruits ripe but never notice the process taking place, so will you be seeing miracles in your life without noticing any indications. Miracles are already around you, it’s just a matter of time before you notice them. The best you can do is hang on a little longer. Prayer with hope and perseverance only makes your miracles bigger and better.

While things might seem tough and out of control, worry not. God is already in charge and will definitely see you through. He will work miracles for you in ways you can never explain.