Prove your haters wrong by working against their evil wishes. The best way to pay back your haters in a positive way is doing better than they ever expected. It’s funny how most of us take our hater’s words seriously and let them destroy us. In so doing, we achieve and prove nothing. The first instinct that should engulf you the moment someone belittles you, thinks lowly of you or openly discredits your opinion should be proving them how right you were. Let’s take the story of the renowned entrepreneur and industrialist Ferruccio Lamborghini, for instance.

An inborn desire to change the world

Born in 1916 to farmers in Italy, Ferruccio Lamborghini spent a better part of his childhood doing farming. Having shown an overwhelming interest in engines from a tender age, he had joined the army during the 2nd World War where he learnt how to repair broken and damaged vehicles. Later in life, when he returned to his home as a civilian, he decided to advance in his childhood fantasy of inventing better engines. With an increasing demand for farming tractors, he decided to convert military cars into tractors for his farming community. The demand for tractors kept exploding and his business kept picking each and every day.

The game changer

After his tractor business thrived, Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to buy himself a luxurious and most prestigious car of his time and probably one of the most prestigious cars to date, “Ferrari”. He was, however, disappointed by some of the features of this car. The noisy gearbox and those inferior clutches got on his nerves. He had an idea and decided to give his two cents on the matter to the owner of Ferrari “Enzo Ferrari”. He gave his suggestions on some of the features he felt would have been better with a little refinement but the response he got is what changed the face of luxury cars to date. In fact, I’d say that the response was the game changer for luxury cars to date. Enzo blatantly and openly dismissed Ferruccio’s ideas terming them inappropriate especially from a tractor owner.

His reaction

What would you do if you were him, give up? Well, that’s what most of us would do. However, Ferruccio Lamborghini took the insult and decided to prove Enzo Ferrari that his idea was noble and not ill-advised as he had claimed. He decided to create a V12 engine by using some help from one, Giampaolo Dallara who was a skilled engineer. That marked the beginning of what is now the most prestigious luxury car, Lamborghini. And the rest is history.

The lesson

What would have happened if Ferruccio Lamborghini had decided to let the words of Enzo Ferrari hold him down? We wouldn’t have had the luxury cars from him today, right? That’s how life is. If you are strong or consider yourself strong, never let words destroy you. Take those words and work hard to prove those who intimidated you wrong. After all, the only way you get can get people to respect you. Especially when they think lowly of you, is by proving them wrong.

It’s all upon you to decide whether to let people hold the same opinion of you or prove them wrong. And yes, you should strive to prove that you have what it takes.