Replace negative thoughts with God's truth. Maybe we need to address what God’s truth is. First, as Christians, we need to understand that God’s truth encourages us to live positively and stay away from negative thoughts. 

We need to live a positive lifestyle which portrays us as beams of hope for those around us. Brothers and sisters, if you have negative thought; you will live a negative life.

Be Positive

There is this strange relationship between what we think and what our lives turn out to be. Have a look at those people who have had the finer things in life. Talk to successful people and you will notice something common to all of them. Besides the fact that they all have money and wealth, you will also notice that they all have a positive thinking. They understand that God created them to be successful and not failures. In fact, God’s truth is that He created us as champions. Deciding to become a failure in life is in contrast to what God created you to be. Fellow Christians, God never created you to be a failure. For that reason, you need to start thinking positively.

Think positively; live positively

Show me a single person who has negative thoughts yet gets to live a positive life and I will show you a million positive minded people who live happily. Brethren, it’s funny how life turns out to be what we think of it to be. I wonder why people claim that there are no jobs in the world today yet I personally see so many employment opportunities. Success and failure are all based on your thoughts. Before you can become successful in life, it all begins with how you think. The way you view life is exactly how it’s going to be. If you say that there are no jobs, you will never wake up to go for an interview. And, who said that you need to be employed in order to become successful? Come to think of it; can’t you become an employer yourself? Be positive and good things will grace every day of your life.

Faith is what it takes

Perhaps what we need to understand is the fact that having negative thoughts is a clear manifestation of little faith in God. If you have enough faith in you, you need to understand that God created you for good things and not bad ones. It all boils down to how much faith we have in God. Brothers and sisters, it is time you ran away from negative thoughts and used your faith to see what God has in store for you. I get really disturbed when I see fellow Christians living like slaves. Fellow Christians; we are sons and daughters of a king.

Proclaim good things in your life

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why someone would see themselves as slaves yet expect to become kings. It is ironical how most of us think of themselves as failures yet expect God to miraculously make them successful. Fellow Christians, things don’t work that way. If you have positive thoughts, you will have everything you ever want. It all begins with letting go of those negative thoughts and giving God’s truth a chance.

The power to be successful or a failure is all vested in your mind. If you think positively, you will be successful. And yes, the vice-versa is not a lie either.