Success has no time limit. Whether you are young or old, success will always knock at your door when the time is right. I have seen people who have defied age and are a living proof that age is just a number. I have seen people who have also crossed over the bridge from the lowest social class to being the highest paid or the most successful people around. If people can come from nothing to something, then there are zero limits to success. If people have achieved tremendous success at an early age, you don’t have to use age as an excuse to become a failure. However, today I want to draw your attention to 4 people who made it in life at an incredibly old age; a clear indication that success knows no boundaries.

Martha Stewart

This is one woman who clearly proved that age can never dictate how successful one can be. In fact, she has demonstrated the fact that old is gold. Having worked hard through life on a wall street, her success story became an inspiration to many people. At the age of 41, that was when her major breakthrough struck. After the publication of her first book, Entertaining, that was when her life took a completely different turn. And yes, that was the initial mark of what is now a successful lady by the name Martha Steward. With the launch of Martha Stewart Living 7 years later, success kept following her day after day.

Vera Wang

This is yet another woman who proved that age is never a determinant of how successful you become unless you decide to let it be. Having been a fashion editor for a better part of her youthful days, Vera Wang made her major breakthrough at the age of 40 when she was getting married. She decided to venture into fashion design and in fact commissioned her own wedding dress for about $10,000. The rest is simply history.

Harland Sanders

This is one man whose success story is one filled with twists and turns. Having been a complete failure for a better part of his life, he later made his major breakthrough at the age of 65. This man had known little or no success in his early age, In fact, most of the businesses he started had always failed him including his numerous restaurant businesses. However, at the age of 65, he would transform his life forever after selling his first ever Kentucky fried chicken franchise.

Rodney Dangerfield

This late comedy actor made his major breakthrough in acting at the age of 46 when he got a chance to feature on the Ed Sullivan show. Of course, the rest was history from that time onwards.

You too can make a difference and become a force to be reckoned with on this planet. If you have been hiding under you 30 or 40 years claiming that you are now too old to start something new, it’s time you woke up. Just trust in your potential and things will never be the same again.