You are born to be a winner; live like one. Fellow Christians, God has placed so much potential in you such that if you only used a fraction of it; you would really achieve so much in this life. It’s funny how some of us lead a life that paints an image of them being failures. From the word go, God designed you to be a winner. He created you to achieve everything you ever wish for in this life. Brethren, it's time you utilized your potential.

Winners Never Quit

There is this unique characteristic common to all winners; they never quit. If you find yourself giving up in this life, then you are certainly not living like a winner. Fellow Christians, since you are a born a winner, you are automatically given an opportunity to overcome any situation that comes your way. Ask any winner how they managed to get to the winning position, and they will tell you that it wasn’t easy. Take those people who participate in marathons, for instance. They really get tired yet they never give up. Second position after the second position until they one day, they win. That should be the spirit fellow Christians. I believe winners never quit and quitters never win.

Even Champions Lose At Times

Fellow Christians, the fact that you are born a winner is not a guarantee that you will always win. As a matter of fact, even champions lose at times. What you do after losing is more important than the fact that you have lost. I have witnessed champions losing at one point in their life. What they do after that determines the direction their life takes afterward. If you give up simply because you have lost at one point, then you are definitely not living up like a winner. Losing is an opportunity for you to put more efforts and work hard to make sure that you take back your position. Brothers and sisters, as a winner, losing gives you an opportunity to rise up more energetic than ever before.

After being born a winner; work hard to become a champion

It’s funny how most of us settle for the fact that we are winners. Even position 2 is a winner but position 1 is the champion. Fellow Christians, do not just settle for the fact that you are born a winner. In fact, since you are born a winner, you need to work hard to become a champion. This is what I personally call being in a competition with yourself. If you want to make it in this life, you better work hard to become the best version of yourself.

Keep your position as a winner

Have you ever come across people who lose interest after their first win and never come back to the limelight? I have seen people who let the fact that they are winners get into them to the point that they stop working hard. Fellow Christians, do not be contented by the fact that you are a winner. Work hard to keep your status as a winner.

Being a winner should be more than just a name. If you are a Christian, make sure that your life portrays an image of a winner and not a loser. And yes, you should keep working hard to become more than just a winner. In fact, you need to become a champion.