Did you know that your mouth can block your blessings? Well, now you know it. Our mouth is given so much power such that it can bless or curse, bring blessings or turn them away. It all depends on how we use it. Whatever you proclaim with your mouth, regardless of whether you meant or not, can always come true. For that reason, be careful with what you utter.

Whatever you confess, that you possess

I wonder where people ever get the guts to talk negatively about themselves. Whatever you confess with your mouth is as good as done. If you say that life is hard for you, you will definitely live a hard life. I once got to listen to music by one renowned artist whom I choose not to disclose for personal reasons. The song went like” we are born to suffer………” I think that was the chorus because it kept repeating for a better part of the song. I was simply astonished at how someone would even think of that let alone saying it. And yes, if you sing along that kind of a song and then let those words sink into your head, you will definitely be blocking your blessings. Let me make something clear before I proceed; No one is born to suffer.

What you say is what you believe

There is a strong connection between what you say and what you believe in. I can’t understand how someone would utter words which are contrary to what they believe in. I have had different opinions about people only to change them the moment they open their mouth to talk. And yes, I have grown to believe that what you say is a crystal clear indicator of what you believe in. It’s through our faith that blessing come into our life. If you utter words which are on the contrary with the biblical teachings, that’s a clear indication that you are not a true believer. Say positive things about yourself and you will live positively.

Tame your tongue

I have always known the tongue to be a small yet a very powerful part of our body. It is used to praise God, it’s also used to command blessings and above all, it’s used to block blessings. You have to learn to tame your tongue otherwise, you will be blocking your own blessings. Use the tongue only when it’s really necessary and when you are speaking good things about yourself. If something is blocking your blessings, you better cut it. (Not literary implied).

Blessings and curses are all asked for by you

Do you ever sit down and start blaming the devil for your misfortune. Maybe you are directing your frustration towards the wrong direction. Maybe it’s you who is blocking your blessings. It’s possible that you are the source of your misfortunes. And yes, that’s all determined by what you utter. Try changing the things you say and maybe you will see a difference.

If you want blessings to come into your life, simply command them to. And also, if you want to block them, simply say it and it will be done. It all depends on what you say at any given time.


Enter your comment...sure. may the Lord help me to be positive in everything I do or say. not do things on trial basis but having strong faith in succeeding. amen

Unknown said...

eye opener,i really have to change,God help me