Godly Reminders for Every Day Life

Godly Reminders Today

Life is a book of mysteries.
You never know which page brings you a good twist in the story.
So keep reading because happiness comes when it is most unexpected.

Life is not an iPod to listen to your favorite songs.
Life is like a Radio!
You must adjust yourself to every frequency and enjoy whatever comes in it.

Count your blessings of today.
Don't think of the few things that you receive from God after praying.
Think of all those countless beautiful things that He gave you without even asking.

Some people may be unkind, but you just have to be kind.
Some may cheat, but you just have to be honest.
Others may forget about good deeds, but you just have to do good.
At the end of the day, it is NOT between you and them; but it is between you and your God.
Do all things for God and not for others.

When the mind is weak, a situation becomes Problem.
When the mind is balanced, a situation becomes a Challenge.
When the mind is strong, a situation becomes an Opportunity.