When a prayer becomes your habit miracles become your lifestyle

Miracles Come When You Pray

Never Give Up. Pray without ceasing.
Sometimes, miracles happen out of the challenges, difficulties, and trials of life.

A grateful heart is a magnet for wonders and miracles.

Believe! Never Give Up. God is on your side.

There can be Miracles when you have faith; trust God, and let God.

When God steps in, miracles happen.

Today is a miracle.

Be grateful, you are a miracle today.


Unknown said...

You have touched my heart and I feel relieved from a lot of burdens that I always carry.For sure I have left them with God to help me carry them.

Unknown said...

Your precious Monday prayer is so lovely...but clothe is spelled incorrectly...thank you for each days
Sentiments. Mrs. Bates